Friday, May 6, 2011

home again: our ear tubes story.

first off i want to thank all of you lovely readers who chimed in with their tubes or anesthesia experience. i felt equal parts prepared and unprepared walking into children's hospital this morning.

i am so grateful that we have not one but two children's hospitals in our area where there is silly bright crazy pattern animal wallpaper that can entertain and calm my child, a supervised playroom for siblings, and hilarious great tempered doctors and nurses to walk us through the whole process.
we got there to check in at 10:35a but weren't taken back till closer to 11:30a. thankfully we didn't get any grief about tim going back with me (since tim and i aren't married, they thought we might need her birth certificate and we weren't able to obtain it on time).

they got going pretty quick, we picked out the strawberry scented mask for out little lady and got her situated on the bed. i was pleased to learn that they wouldn't be giving her any anti-anxiety and that she could keep on her own clothes and even leave her earrings in.  they let her wander and check out the equipment and even introduced themselves to her smelly dinosaur she was dragging around reassuring her that he would be by her side the whole time and even gave him his own name tags.
i can't sugar coat the fact that watching her go under wasn't easy, you all warned me-so did the nurses. she cried and wiggled and fought. i stood so she could see me but so that tim was blocking her face; i couldn't watch. he did a great job holding and comforting her.

we were moved straight back into recovery since the procedure would take less than five minutes. a recovery nurse came in and answered our questions and talked to us about what the next 15-20 minutes would be like and then we watched our baby come in on the bed snuggled on her side fast asleep.
she stayed asleep for a good 15 minutes which is what they like, that way she is a little less disoriented-however she did wake up crying hysterically and i couldn't do anything to calm her which was so hard for me to see her so out of character. it took her awhile to stop throwing herself to one side or open her eyes but we got a plum organics in her and they brought her a starbucks...milk. they were happy to see her eating so as soon as her screaming subsided to a whimper we were able to take her home.

she has to be on some drops for a few days since when they got in their it appeared she had some minor inflammation and goop.

we are home now and the nugget is fast asleep buried under all of her stuffed friends, including the two new ones she got today (one from the hospital and one from us, the monkey). i am so proud of her for doing so good and even putting up with 18 hours of no eating or drinking. what a trooper!
thanks again for all of the prayers and good thoughts you guys sent our way!

while we waited got this funny video of how tim kept stella entertained and led her which ever way she needed to go:


melissa rohr said...

Aww,the sleeping pictures are always so precious. They are so perfect and angelic! I love your video. So cute. :-) Glad she did well and is recovering! I don't blame her for being crabby after 18 hours with no food! Any girl's nightmare! :-)

melissa rohr said...

I love sleeping pictures too. Perfect. I've been such a horrible blogging friend! I should have talked to you more about all of this! We didn't get tubes in Kings ears but we we went through the almost exact same experience. Aren't children's hospitals amazing? That is really awesome they let you guys come back with her but I bet it was super hard to watch. We are praying for her. We love you guys!

melissa rohr said...

So glad it went well! She will be feeling so much better now:) Have a very happy Mother's day!

melissa rohr said...

I'll say it again - SO glad that everything went smoothly!

And how cute is that little diapered butt waddling after her dino?

melissa rohr said...

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