Friday, May 13, 2011

isn't this what your play-dates look like?


we had a play date with some of our favorite bloggers today. farm style! we hung out at kelsey creek in bellevue, letting the kids run and make obscene loud noises at helpless animals. mandy and harper, jill and corbin, amanda and ellie, amanda and reese, amy and parker, and andrea and her cute boys griffen and michael all joined us today. it even got up to a whoppin 65ish today...that is a miracle for the way the weather has been lately.

then of course, you know it is going to be a good time when you ask someone to bring snacks and they bring mustaches too.

i mean, how friggen  hilarious are rowan and harper?! i don't know what is better, the one with rowan's finger IN her nose and possibly harp's or how in the other one they look like a old lady couple or something.

the following photos were shot by mandy-she is sure getting pretty stinking awesome with that camera of hers!


melissa rohr said...

 Haha that's cute :D I wish I had play dates but my friends live far far away and I don't drive yet so that kinda makes everything hard. Plus my son is in school all day.

melissa rohr said...

may or may not be shedding a tear that we missed mustache time.   

melissa rohr said...

I'm with Jill....terrible picture of me, but it was worth it for the stache ;)
We had a great time yesterday!

melissa rohr said...

I love the mustaches! That looks like so much fun!!

melissa rohr said...

 i'm with andrea.  totally sad over missed 'stache time.  but it was all such a blast, i'm already over it :)

ps:  i will totally email a copy of that picture of you guys!

melissa rohr said...

 hilarious! also? worst pic of me ever. but whatevs. the stache makes up for it! :)