Sunday, May 15, 2011

a birthday, complete with rainbow cake.

first and most importantly, a HUGE giant congrats to my f. brother-in-law sam, on his graduation from cornish art school in seattle. he finished with a degree in motion design. you can check out his bfa project website and past projects here.

this weekend we were busy attending events in honor of not only his graduation but his birthday too which all wrapped up with a dinner party after his commencement yesterday. we were in charge of the cake just like last year; i think that will be our new tradition.

it was our first real chance to hang out with his new squeeze and spend time with tim's dad who was in town from minnesota. i think that everyone had a blast and my cake was a hit!

ps, i used these instructions. pie pans...who knew? i think i will work on perfecting my levelness on the next one and maybe try some shades of pink instead of rainbow? oh, and more frosting!
wine face.