Sunday, May 8, 2011

my vintage babies.

all these mother's day posts featuring my favorite bloggy babies in their vintage goodness i got all nostalgic. of course i don't have a ton of baby photos of zoe since digital camera were still a somewhat new mass spread thing and were really expensive-we didn't get our first one till she was almost one and even then i think my photos remained hostage on the sd card for months at a time. digital what? luckily i had a few scanned and uploaded on my myspace-->it took me like seven tries to log in...who uses myspace anymore? i mean really.
i got my first dslr, my nikon when rowan was only a couple months old so the photo quality got exceptionally better around then and now with stella, again at a few months old i moved on to an even 'bigger' girl camera and am still learning and having fun doing it.
can you tell them apart? who is who?
haha, i mean really-could i have three more differnt looking daughters? one day i think stella is a spitting image of vintage zoe but everyone else says they see more rowan. who knows! if you ask me all three are friggen adorable and tim better start working on his shotgun collection now. we're gonna need it! happy mother's day!

ps, i spent my mother's day on a hot date with a craft store and then a pressure washer trying to get some crafts/projects done around the house (photos and a post soon!). that is all i wanted, no complaining about the projects and some truffels. i got both and am a happy mama!


melissa rohr said...

Props to you for being able to sign in to myspace lol ;)
And I love vintage pictures of anyone's babies, but your are especially cute ;)