Tuesday, May 31, 2011

say, wha?

car rides with a three year do not dissapoint. i find it nearly impossible these days to simultaneously drive and roll on the floor while laughing out-loud, you know rotfwlol or whatever.
rowan always hits it out of the park at just the right times too, coincidence? or clever maneuvering?
tim was at the end of his rope with her when i got home from class-i mean steam was practically shooting out of his ears. top that with a trip to costco (where we always spend too much money) he was not in the mood.
enter rowan with song:
"roll roll, roll your boat out into the street.
mary mary me marry
life in out to sea"

then about five minutes later some gibberish led into:
rowan: 'i have a dream...mommy do you dream?' 
me: 'yup, about unicorns and narwalls (i was channeling mandy apparently)'
rowan: me too, i dream about unicorns and cheese'
tim: 'i believe the cheese part, but what do you think a unicorn is?'
rowan: 'liiike a hooorse, with sparkle shoes' 
tim: totally stumped she was on the right track when he doubted her, that is why he asked.
rowan: 'i forget what the things on hers heads looks like, take me to a farm so i can see?'
me and tim: chuckle chuckle
rowan: 'and hers vacuuuume and hers poop...'
me (interrupting): 'rainbows and glitter?'
rowan: 'no, baby unicorns. hers poop baby unicorns.'
tim: 'wait, your unicorn vacuums?'

how did i get so lucky?


melissa rohr said...

Love this! I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to tell me silly things like this.

melissa rohr said...

Ohhh I can't even wait for that age!


melissa rohr said...