Monday, May 30, 2011

these kind of mondays are awesome.

tim is off, i see the sun trying to poke through, and we are being featured over at mama and the dudes.
as me and rowan snuggle on the couch with tom and jerry i am looking forward to some waffles and then heading outside to do some photos with sidewalk chalk. yea!
my shoulders are already peeling but my face is turning into a nice tan, i think i will start telling people we just got back from hawaii and make them insanely jealous. ok, totally kidding. see, i told you this monday was good!
later we are headed off to grandma's so i can address wedding invites and get them in the mail-once they are out i will finally reveal it here on the blog. i know you have been dyeing to see it right?
before i go, have you started your daily voting for stella yet? you can read instructions and find voting link here. we REALLY appreciate all of your help!
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melissa rohr said...

these ARE the best kinda mondays.  booooo for having to go back to reality tomorrow, huh?

melissa rohr said...

Perfect monday! I got a massive burn last week too...I'm with you, I'm gonna tell people I went to Hawaii. As long as they don't look at my legs that are still pasty white ;)