Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 day shred - bloggers unite!

if you have read hi, baby for awhile then you know good ole' jillian michaels and i have met before. i have tried going on three times now to make it to the end of a grueling thirty days-then life happens and we part ways. i have been on a metabolism boosting portion control diet for the past few weeks and i was feeling results instantly. then this last week i was horrible; with camping, drinking, final studying candy snacking, and so on i have already put back on two whole pounds. super sad face! i have been totally inspired by the paper mama's amazing before and after photo-that girl is looking stunning and i am totally in awe of her commitment; go chelsey!
so, yesterday marked the start of a few blogging mamas kicking their butts in gear to shed some serious pounds. they say you can drop a dress size and around 10lbs so i guess we will see. I am going to shred monday-friday and then do some simple cardio on saturday-sunday. sorry but i just can't bring myself to work out in front of tim, haha. I am feeling pretty good after day one, but i am no fool i know what pain i am in store for when i wake up tomorrow. is it totally weird that i like the pain that comes with exercise? like it feels so rewarding that i doing something good for my body and health?

make sure to check out some of the other mom's participating, we will be working together june 1-30 and every thursday we will post complete with updates, thought, and goals.

want to join in? anyone can join us and i hope you will. if you do you will love the end results. i am so excited to see the results. they say you can lose around 10lbs and a dress size. want to know what to do?
we are all doing before pictures and measurements. for your measurements take a soft measuring tape or some yarn and cut to the sizes then you can use a flat ruler to measure the yarn.

Where to measure?

each arm (thickest part)
each thigh (thickest part)
upper waist (smallest)
lower waist (at your belly button)
your hips (biggest part)

write this info down, or put it in excel so you can come back to it after 30 days. after we complete the whole 30 days we are going to remeasure and take after photos.

my before photos:
my before measurements:
arms: left 10" right 11" <--tim said cause i beat him with my right, wha?
legs: left and right 19"
waist: 31"
waist Lower: 35"
hips: 35"

weight: 141lbs <-- eeew.

so go ahead write up your blog post with your weekly goals, accomplishments, set backs etc. In your first week post include your before photo and your measurements. then grab the button below add it to your post and link directly to your post below.

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melissa rohr said...

Thanks so much for joining. You look great, but you will love the end results. 

melissa rohr said...

You can use a piece of yarn or string and cut to the sizes then lay it out with a regular ruler if you want. :) 

melissa rohr said...

I am doing it, too.  I did it in front of Sean tonight (hey, we've been married almost 8 years - I have no shame) and he was loving the music.  And then he got all turned on... so yeah, we won't be doing it in front of the husband again.  I will probably wait until the end before posting my pictures so I don't jinx myself or something :)

melissa rohr said...

I'll write up a full on post for it tomorrow. I'm too tired from doing the shred to go back to the computer right now.

melissa rohr said...

I want to do this!! I need to go buy a tape measure though... hmm.

melissa rohr said...

Haha, I love the post-workout pain as well, though I didn't feel it as much this morning as I had expected. That is good, right? Good luck, I am so excited to see how everyone does!

melissa rohr said...

haha, day two is worse. i like when it hurts a little, lets me know i am doing something good! the first time i ever did it i literally would collapse cause my legs hurt so bad ;)

melissa rohr said...

I read your comment below and you're so right!  Day two is worse!  Holy moly I am hurting.

melissa rohr said...

I just did my first workout and I feel like mush in my arms and legs... I hope I don't drop my son bringing him down the stairs. 

melissa rohr said...

I'm a new follower and also linking up with my own 30 Day Shred! I started on May 30th and you can find my before pics and updates on my blog.

Looking forward to sharing our progress!