Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 day shred - week four.

confessions: i am a total shredding fail, i didn't pop in that dvd once friday-tuesday. it is my teeny tiny break between quarters and stella and i have been lazy netflixing blobs and are proud of it! this all wouldn't be so horrible if i wasn't consuming a candy bar a night, a beer or soda, and eating a lot of burgers and such.
pros: i got back on the band wagon today in both the shred and healthy eating sense. when i tired to shred yesterday i was tired and only did two of the three circuits and then was practically crying on the floor.
today, was great though i kept up did every move and only followed anita (and her stupid abs) on the jumping lunges and mountain climbers. still on level three and am even thinking to make up for all my missed time i might do the shred twice a day.
complaints: i have actually gained a poundish, wha? i am not drinking enough usual and well, jillian michales is out to get me i swear.

still excited to see what my arms and legs are up to. the dvd should be called 30 day leg shred, cause um w-o-w i feel like that is all we ever do is plyometric leg moves. how are you fairing as we get close to the thirty day mark?


melissa rohr said...

You might have gained since you are gaining muscles. i can't wait to see your measurements. Keep with it!! :) 

melissa rohr said...

Candy is my NEMESIS! Must eat celery...

If you do level 3 twice a day maybe you will have Anita abs too? Nice!

melissa rohr said...

Ugh -- I haven't even posted because my "30 Day Shred" turned into a general "Exercise using a variety of methods and eat relatively well" and I felt erratic. I should return to this on my own site... but this is what I'll say: I was shredding like a monster and eating ridiculously well and not losing a damn pound. I gained two. So I got frustrated and exercised but ate whatever the heck I wanted for a week, and lost the two and then one. I'm not complaining about this discovery, but I'm a bit angry that science doesn't work for me.