Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 day shred - week two.

Naptime Momtog
whew, i made it to week two-that's a good start!
the only days i skipped were the first day and sunday but i laughed and walked so much on saturday that i am calling it even. that counts right?
i don't know what the deal is but between my monthly friend and eating crappy the two weeks prior to starting the shred i put back on 4-5 pounds quick-no more cheating for me i guess! so this last week it was back to (well, sorta i think i ate a couple of candy bars. fail.) my eating plan where i stick to a lot of veggies/fruits, lean meat, and rice to boost my metabolism and stay high on the protein.
i have already bumped up to level two-when the paper mama visited we did that one since she was there and it was pretty easy so i have stuck with it. i think the ease came from the fact that i just did 3-4 weeks of p90x a couple of months ago and was still energized from that.
my goals this week are to take less 5 second breaks, eat better, hit some cardio at the gym, and not miss any days.
Next week if you would like to some of us are going to take a photo with/or of an outfit, pair of pants, shirt or dress. That you would like to fit in. Could be a pair of favorite jeans, or a shirt that you think would look better, etc. Just include it with your blog post next week.

 So go ahead write up your blog post with your weekly goals, accomplishments, set backs etc. Then grab the button below add it to your post and link directly to your post below.

good luck everyone!


melissa rohr said...

do it! yea i am about to move to three-the abs on two don't do enough for me. haha

melissa rohr said...

YAY for week two. You are doing great. 

melissa rohr said...

Congrats for making it to week two! I am doing this as well, but am too lazy to get around to posting about it. (For now) :) I think I'm about to move to phase two, as phase one isn't kicking my butt quite as much now.

melissa rohr said...

Keep up the good work! I did the shred about two months ago and it totally works! I got bored with it after awhile so I started other videos and I took up running/jogging just the other day, but the shred def works! :) Level 3 was my "favorite" (as much as an exercise video can be considered a favorite! ;))