Monday, June 13, 2011

farm fresh.

on tuesday last week we were able to squeeze just the right amount of fun out of the day before getting rained on, on the way home. we met up with our favorite family of three to explore farrel mcwhirter park and farm. it is a lot like kelsey creek in bellevue; both have different things to offer. mcwhirter is a little better in the animal department-there is a wider variety and you can get a lot closer and even pet the animals. oh, and holy cuteness, there were 4 day old baby goats.
the mini pig was everyone's favorite and listening to stella try and mimic our pig noises; died, dead from cute. there were also some giant turkeys that had there feathers all ruffled up and were stomping towards the fence as if they were trying to tell us something? getting the photo of rowan and megan by the goat was great-the goat kept getting closer and closer to a weary rowan and eventually tried to snack on her boot when she wasn't looking.
one thing this place was lacking was a good playground-unless you count the swings and awesome old tree with limbs growing out, back into the ground and then back out again.
i can't wait to check out this place again!
also, just thought i should throw out there-notice how all the other kids are dressed like it might snow? and then there is the blonde...tank and shorts, ready for eighty degrees. le sigh.


melissa rohr said...

such sweet photo's! we have a few small places like this in our area and can't wait to take adrienne to see all of the animals this summer (since she was only a few months old last year when we took her).

melissa rohr said...

Cute! I noticed you tagged the photo of the baby goats with my name so I'd see it... then I wondered why the pig face wasn't tagged for me also... haha!  Did any of the tree pics turn out?

melissa rohr said...

haha i don't know why i didn't tag the pig :) i did get one of them in the tree-i still need to edit a few...i didn't get any of the tree's coolness though! i guess there will have to be a next time!