Saturday, June 18, 2011

my week in phone pics.

aren't you so glad that i shared this first photo with you? i think tim was equally excited when this showed up in his message folder with the text, 'like my bags?' the bigs on their way into church, singing 'ba-ba black sheep' totally wrong nonetheless. we were trying to send a photo to daddy; stella clearly thought that i shouldn't be seen.
feeling thinner thanks to the she-devil jillian michaels. i have lost her to ygg. the photo i sent into my tattoo gal for the fix and addition i am getting in july!
sunglasses are a must these days-this girl has them on at all times and even leaves them. we pulled the side off of stella's crib and then just as quickly decided to flip her crib around so that the open side was against the wall; five seconds into bed time she fell out and was a tired hot mess-we'll try again tomorrow at nap time.
yes, that is a car parked up against me; the sad part...i was like 3.5 feet in front of the line. this guys really had to go out of his way to do this, and you could tell by all the paint and scratches on his bumpers it is time to take his license away :( it only left a little scrap but i took a pic of his plates too just in case tim felt we should call the insurance. again with the ygg! ah, the best for last...i finished math with a b +!! i know what your thinking and you can just stop right there, math 99 isn't the highest but after ten years of no math it is what i tested into. scoring a b+ is so awesome for me-i suck at math big time and am even worse at taking tests. after the final i called tim almost in tears because i felt it was so hard and i was sure i failed, so when i signed on and saw that i had gotten a b+ on the final i couldn't believe it! i needed at least a b- for my degree and this was my second time taking this class, so i am one happy student right now!

oh, and so freaking excited!! i am getting a iphone in july-instagram here i come!


melissa rohr said...

You ARE skinny! You look great, and these pictures made me giggle. 

melissa rohr said...

Way to go with your rocking b+! I suck at math too, so I totally get it.