Sunday, June 26, 2011

my week in phone pics.

check out our week:
1. squee, this lovely drawing from the papermama appeared in my inbox this week. this will be our guest book where people will 'leaf' their fingerprint and names. so freaking excited!
2. stella would spend the whole bath with her faced immersed int he running water if we let her.
3. looking for a source of energy? look no further.
4. ok, these photos are a little backwards timeline wise-we went to a wedding last night and i took full advantage of the opportunity to buy a new dress. where from you ask? coming in my sos post!
5. daily stella in some sort of box photo.
6. how we spent our week, on the couch married to our pajamas and netflix. i only got a week of summer break before i head back to school.
7. visitors in the bathroom.
8. i could hardly contain my squeals when i saw this and held it up shouting across goodwill at tim. both tim and i had one of these houses when we were little and i have been wanting one for the girls so bad. it doesn't have the dog and person but i am on the hunt for them. for now stella uses little people but they get stuck in the chimney slide.
9. editing peacock photos from our zoo trip last sunday.
10. food porn: trader joes lemon and basil noodles with their three cheese sauce paired with some sourdough bread. gah, i was in heaven! i am already planning to go back and stock up on those good!
11. daily stella in some sort of a box photo.
12. we canceled cable for the summer to save, wait for it...freaking sixty-five dollars a month (that's a lot!) so i watch netflix, but am getting bored already with what is on there.
life rearranged


melissa rohr said...

ohhh, I love those lemon noodles from TJs!!  the boys hate them which is okay because MORE FOR ME.  looks like a relaxing week :)

melissa rohr said...

LOVE that you guys are using a papermama portrait for your guestbook... it's gonna be awesome!! :)