Wednesday, June 15, 2011

announcing: pnw blogger gathering 2011

while i am hitting the books-hard, for finals i wanted to keep you guys reading with some exciting news! mandy from harper's happenings, chelsey the papermama, and i are teaming up to bring you the best end of the summer event we can think of-a large scale pnw blogger gathering! are you dyeing of excitement yet? i am.
now, you'll want to listen up because mandy has some thing to say:
so excited to share this with you guys! my pals Chelsey from the Paper Mama and Melissa from hi, baby, and myself are putting together a big blog meet up for those of you in the Pacific Northwest! we were so inspired by the recent Arizona meetup put on by Danielle, Chelsea and Kelsey that we had to follow suit and get one together for our local friends and soon to be friends.
there will be many posts forthcoming about the details but for today we are trying to gauge interest and make sure everyone who can make it marks their calendar. i know lots of people will be unable to make it (planning a date that works for everyone is an impossible task) but we hope that if this one works out, we can plan more in the future!
so! for now, we're announcing the date, which is Saturday September 17th. later will come the details such as what time and where, but for now we can say there will be a daytime activity that is family friendly and then a dinner/party for just the adults. we hope you can make both or either one! this is for EVERYONE who uses social media and has wanted to meet up with other local bloggers/tweeters/etc but haven't had the chance. it's for ladies and gents. it's for moms, singles, food bloggers, style bloggers, ALL BLOGGERS. it's for YOU. i can guess from other times when things like this come up that someone will inevitably say "i'd love to but..." and then say something about their blog not being big enough or what have you. not only is that NOT the case, but i will actually be personally offended if you leave a comment like that here (so don't). we want everyone in the area who wants to come, TO COME. so please do.
there will be a minimal "fee" for the night event because there will be food, a photographer and a photo booth. the exact cost per person will come later once we have a better idea of attendance. i promise, it's going to be fun! a day to remember for sure.
so, first thing is first. if you think you'll be able to come, leave a comment here letting us know. no, it doesn't have to be a firm RSVP (that will be a later post), but do say if you think you're more than likely interested!
we will announce the locations (both events will be in Seattle), price and all other pertinent info in our next post. but if you do have a specific question about anything else, feel free to leave it in your comment here. we can't wait to meet you!
and if you're so excited (like us) you want to shout from the blog rooftops - feel free to grab this button. and of course if you know other local bloggers who might be interested, point them this way!

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melissa rohr said...

AHHHH once again something I wanna go to happening WAY to far away to bother. *dies*

melissa rohr said...

maybe it is time for a west coast trip?

melissa rohr said...

I am very interested!  that is a crazy ( sons birthday AND our anniversary) week but maybe I can work something out! will definately try!