Thursday, June 2, 2011

round two.

first off thank you to everyone who sent in some vote for stella, she is super excited to have made it to round two. i am totally lost in how this all works or what is going on, but the voting for round two is up and running and we would LOVE it if you could drop in and send her ten votes a day. can we get our girl to the finals?!

when she wins; she gets a preschool tuition, a zoo membership, a huge tv, and a ton of other high valued prizes. wanna help?

1. go here: and sign up for an account, stephanie says it is pretty painless if you have auto-fill enabled on your computer. also, i apologize, i hate when voting involves 'accounts'

2. vote for stella ten times by clicking the handy vote button.

3. repeat tomorrow, and the next day, and you get the picture; till i say stop (sometime at the end of june)!

here is where i officially send you virtual hugs and kisses for helping out the littlest hi, baby member! thanks!