Friday, June 17, 2011

who is this kid?

who is this little person walking, no running around my house all day? who dresses and undresses her babies, gives them baths, feeds them their bottle, and pats them on there back while 'shsssh'ing' them to sleep. this girl who has eyelashes for days...
just a few months shy of a year and a half and i still marvel at the little girl she became so fast. i am no stranger to the way time speeds up when you have children, as of friday i am the mother of a second grader who i clearly remember holding so lightly in my arms as a newborn as if it were only months ago.
sometimes i watch tim, watch stella play marveling at what it feels like to be a new parent and be so amazed in how God and life and magnificence is wrapped up in such a little person growing so fast towards adulthood.
as of today stella j is such a fire ball learning so much each day-how do we pause in these moments forever?
i will never get tired of her inquisitive grunts or holding her little hands in mine, i love this stage we are in right now-this girl keeps us on our toes. she is the perfect balance of tim, me, and her sisters.
she can say; dog, cat, mama, dada, na-na (rowan), zee-zee (zoe), cheese, ball, thank-you, bye, hi, there, uh-oh, and so much more. listening to her try and snort like a pig; i die dead of cuteness. she calls almost all animals 'doggie' except for cats, they are 'kicky' even a giant turkey...that's a dog i guess.
she climbs on everything and sits and reads books pointing to each thing with purpose. she asks me to take photos of her when we laugh and she knows she is being silly. when someone comes over and says 'hi' to her she immediately drops her head to the floor bent over still standing up and proceeds to crack up laughing. when tim gets home she just runs to the plush area rug and does a belly flop; it is like clock work everyday.
she has known how to blow kisses for awhile but this last week has started giving real kisses and also hugs, but those are exclusively for soft stuffed friends. she asks to have her diaper changed and knows we go over our face parts while we are doing it; eyes, nose (insert a honk), ears, and mouth. when you ask stella to snuggle she must run and get her blankie and dinosaur first, then she is all yours. she loves the slide, even when she goes down fast. she understands when you ask her to do things, like getting and putting on shoes or to head to the bath. she signs please, more, milk, all done, and we're working on thank you but she gets that confused with blowing kisses, either way as you can imagine it is adorable. she loves to skype with her god parents, play games on my phone, and we have been ear infection free since the tubes were put in.
i could go on and on of all the things that consume stella these days-she is a busy little lady with lots to explore each day; for now i hear her stirring in her crib and our day is about to begin...i wonder what she will ask for, for breakfast today, probably the usual-waffle and banana and milk.


melissa rohr said...

She is sooo cute! :)

melissa rohr said...

Such a cute little tot!  Reminds me so SO much of my little Sienna.  She is at such a fun age when they start talking and say new things everyday!  Every doll in my house - i swear is naked.  Why do they all do that?!  It's cute though.  I love her curly hair and those pictures of her in those glasses!!!!! - i only wish my next girl will have curls, but zero out of 2 so far, probably not going to happen.  Love your photos as always!  What black and white action are you using (if you mind sharing)...i love it!!!


melissa rohr said...

it took me three to finally have the curls come out :)

i use florabella's black and white vanilla and then sheerhaze action-i highly recommend her stuff!

melissa rohr said...

thank you!