Thursday, June 23, 2011

your mom goes to college.

friday last week through tuesday next week is my summer break, then it is back to bellevue college for an even more testing quarter than the last. going back to school has single handily been one of the hardest things i have ever done; filed under there along with push a ten and a half pound baby out of my vagina.
since day one financial aid has been a struggle; first it didn't come in on time and i had to literally scrape up and beg for the money to start, then checks came late screwing up book buying, and finally they lost a important paper and i almost wasn't able to register and get ready to start summer/fall this year-a nightmare i tell ya! i spent a lot of time praying asking God if this is really what i am suppose to be doing, if i was on the right path. i sure seemed to have a lot of resistance and really wondered.
then there have been hundreds of dollars in books so far, at least $300 a quarter so far and since my school likes to be sneaky with their stupid custom editions you can a. never find them anywhere other than the college bookstore and b. can't get them used. fail. i won't even bore you with the hours of traffic i sat in so that tim and i could sync up our schedule to avoid adding babysitter pay to the long list of costs that my school days were already accruing.
ok, whine over. this last school year i have pushed myself and came out on the other side surprising myself with my accomplishments. i have managed to pull a's and one b+ in all of my classes except for math; math is my nemesis for reals. i only need a few prereqs for my program and a 3.2 in math 99 was one of them so last quarter when i finished with a c i was a little defeated. but i got right back on the proverbial horse and took the same class, same teacher, online this time and if you follow me on twitter then you heard me tweeting from the roof tops that not only did i pass with a b+ but i got a b on the final that through tears i had called tim right after to tell him i was absolutely positive i had failed horribly. i was seriously over the moon giving myself major pats on my back that day i opened my grades. i finished this quarter with a 3.7 gpa and 3.4 over all (stupid bad math grades flub it up)
this is an opportunity of a lifetime that i have been given-to go back to school and do something that i have thought about for a long time and to do it all for almost no cost. i think it is a whole different perspective then when i went right after high school just because it is what you are suppose to do, no? i want this more, and there is a lot more on the line. thirty dollars and hour when i find a job after graduation keeps me going too.
i am freaking out just a tiny bit, this quarter and next i start my anatomy and physiology classes; they are notoriously hard and get this...i need a 4.0 in both of them to secure a first round pick of the 70 out of 150 that apply for the radiology program. also, this summer i also am going to start on my volunteer hours needed for my application-cross your fingers i can get a spot at children's hospital!
so i guess this all has nothing to do with anything but maybe you can get from it that ten years, three kids, a divorce and remarriage later it is never to late to go back to school. it has been a lot of fun for me, something that is my own. thanks for listening to me!


melissa rohr said...

good for you. going through all of this may be hard now but when you are finally done you will truly have such a great sense of accomplishment. not to mention, you are setting a wonderful example for your children. they may not remember all of it by the time they are old enough to go to college, but that's what this blog is for huh, right?  we can't say our kids won't be nosey enough to want to see what we wrote about them when they are 16 or older. i am actually in school myself, only i haven't been in two semesters because the ONE CLASS i have left is a co-op class that requires me to work. quite an impossible task to get done with so many children. i am determined not to give up. i would hate to not get my degree because of one class. good luck! you can do it!

melissa rohr said...

Good for you and congrats!!  What an awesome accomplishment and a great example you are setting for your kids.  I went back to school after our first child was born to get my bachelors in nursing, it was quite a journey and there were times I never thought it would be possible.  We did it, though.  I say "we" because when you are older with a family, it is definitely a team effort!  Hang in there and keep at it, you can do this!

melissa rohr said...

You are Super Woman - this is why I don't think you can even come close to ever calling yourself lazy.  We'll see ya tomorrow :)