Saturday, July 23, 2011

my week in iphone photos.

our week, take it or leave it.
haha, got tim totally hooked on angry birds after he swore he never would because it was dumb. curls! mmm, thank you mommy for the new tub drinking fountain. our new yookidoo fill n'flow spout.
cute bath baby! taco, not tuesday. trying to build up the courage to face the spray park. getting braver.
brave now, and i think i need a drink. cutest bathing suit babe EVER. brr, why did we come to the spray park when it was only 65 and windy? cute face full of trader joes ginger cat crackers.
watching toy story, i wonder if this was time 4 or seven? finalyl sun on a crappy rainy day. playing in great uncles airplane hanger/ garage-he lives in a air community where there is a run way in the back yard! making a highchair out of what we had.
instagraming photos of stella planking at the beach. naaaaap, please? hey, boooboo! have you seen any pickanick baskets? studing for my bone practical that i didn't do as good as i wanted on.
driving through bellevue after class, love my city! i doooon't like theeeese breakfast choices! feeling skinny. zoe and rowan are home and being silly!!
utilizing all space available. eating pizza with our new chopstix. in case you were wondering what kids going ape shit for a bubble machine looked like.

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melissa rohr said...

I love Seattle, have been there multiple times. It stole my heart years back. I am planning on moving there in 2 years. Bellevue is nice :) That airplane hanger is pretty awesome. and You look great! keep up the good work. P.S. love the planking photo haha! I had no idea what it was until I looked up videos of it on youtube the other day. So random haha. That picture is adorable though. Made me laugh :)

-Morgan ( Born of the Sea )   <---my little blog