Friday, July 1, 2011

30 day shred - done, and done.

ok, that's it-the thirty days is over and i am not sure what i think...
half the time i felt fitter the other half i was mad at my scale. i will tell you one thing for sure though, i know my endurance is up and every day i did manage to workout i felt better, ate better, and was in a better mood. 
i am not really sure what kind of results i expected but not a lot has really changed, i thought if anything my arms would be a little bigger and i am writing this before i measure but i think they are the same. what?
i know i lost some inches here or there, so lets check it out:

before photo:
measurements before / after:
arms: left 10" right 11"  / 11.5"
legs: left and right 19"  / 18.5"
waist: 31" / 29"
waist Lower: 35" / 34"
hips: 35" / 

weight: 141lbs / same, wha?

so there you have it, thirty days of shredding; well who are we kidding i probably only did about twenty. as of now, i have stopped and am running or doing some crazy cardio in the morning followed by p90x ab ripper or another dvd from that set. i already and feeling more of a differences with just that-even on level three of the shred (which i was on for about half the time) i wasn't feeling worked to my full potential and it definitely didn't offer a lot as far as abs, my problem area. so, how do i look?

make sure to check out the other mama's who wrapped it up this week too!


melissa rohr said...

You look awesome! Way to go!

melissa rohr said...

You look awesome! I can see a difference, plus I'm impressed you're picking up the pace. That's what I need to do. Oh, and you've totally got a gun show going on there.