Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i'm married, so you get guest bloggers!

well, that's it-the decorations are put away and the band has gone home. the stress, saving, head spinning, planning, dancing, and drinking are done and tim and i are married! i have known all along that i picked the right one and could stand by this love the rest of my life. this week while i go on my honeymoon-ok...that's a lie haha we will most likely be moving into our new home with a honeymoon planned for later in the year; in the meantime i have asked some old and new friends to share about their marriages. i am so excited to introduce you to some wonderful new people and i can't wait to share with you about our wedding!
today we have libby from libby's life blog stopping by! we are fairly new twitter, blogger, insert more social networking sites here friends and i am so excited to have her visiting today. today i came down with food poisoning and am stuck in bed. didn't my stomach know to behave a little better while i was 'honeymooning' with my hubs? ugh!

I am Libby from Libby's Life Blog and this is the story of how I met my husband and how we became engaged. Enjoy! 
James and I met when I was 25 and he was 21. {yes I robbed the craddle} :) On March 31st, 2007. It all started with my friend Julianna and her boyfriend, Phil. She was here visiting her boyfriend who just so happened to be on the same ice hockey team as my soon to be husband. She had called me and asked if I would like to come watch her boyfriends hockey game so that we could see each other while she was here for the weekend and I jumped at the chance to see her because it had been awhile since I'd seen her. They picked me up on Saturday to go to the game with them and then hang out after the game was over. On our way to the ice rink they informed me that they were going to introduce me to one of his teammates. I was not thrilled at all. I had gotten out of an absolutely horrible relationship about 6 months before that and was still not ready to go out with anybody. I had just decided that I was going to try to be single for awhile. So I told them I really didn't want to be "set up" with anyone but they weren't listening so I decided to just humor them and let them introduce us and that would be it. We got to the rink and I was very unenthusiastic about meeting this friend of Phil's. So Phil went back into the locker room and then a few minutes later brought out James. We "met" if you can even call it that. I think we both said hi and then he ran back to the locker room to get ready for the game. But during the game I was paying close attention to him and trying to read his last name which to say it simply was not easy at all! I never actually figured it out because it is not pronounced the way it is spelled at all. So when the game was over I asked him how to say it and then he asked if all of us wanted to go to dinner together. So all four of us met at the McMenamins Pub right down the road. We had dinner and I ordered a Ruby Beer {only the best beer ever!} and he looked at me like I was crazy because he thought I was only 19. When I was actually 25, he was the one that was just barely old enough to drink. We had a great dinner laughing and talking for quite awhile. After dinner I asked him to come to Phil's other game {on a different team} the next day with Julianna & me so that I could see him again. We also exchanged phone numbers, well we talked that night for quite awhile  and he told me he'd be at the game the next night. I met Julianna & Phil halfway to the game the next day because my house was way out of the way and it worked better for all of us this way. At the game we hung out and had a really good time and then after the game Julianna and Phil totally ditched me and said have James take you to your car. So I asked him if he would and of course he said yes but he asked if I wanted to get a drink first and I really did because I really liked him at this point. We went & got a drink right near my where my car was parked and then he drove me to my car, which was parked in a Denny's parking lot and when he walked me to my car door he took my hands and pulled me into him and kissed me. My knees almost buckled! It was a feeling I hadn't experienced since my very first kiss. I was falling for him and hard only after two days of knowing him.
We talked every single day for the next week until he left for Canada for a hockey tournament and he told me he'd call while he was gone. I never in a million years thought that he'd call me because he's a guy and guys don't do the stuff they say when they're gone. But to my surprise he called me every day while he was gone {mind you half the time when he called he was totally drunk.} but I was madly in love with him already. I wanted to tell him so badly but I didn't want to scare him so I told myself I'd wait until he told me however long it might take him. I wanted to be with him and so I wasn't going to lose him. He got home Sunday which was also Easter and he came straight to my house telling me that he had something to tell me when he got there. He said he wanted to tell me in person and not over the phone. I couldn't figure out what he would have to tell me that he couldn't just say over the phone and it never crossed my mind that he was going to tell me, "I love you". He got to my house and we went into my room so we could be away from my roommate and her boyfriend and he told me this story... "When I got to Canada I told myself that if I made a goal during the game that I really liked this girl. So when I made that first goal I told myself that if I made a second goal that I was falling in love with this girl, I had just met a week ago. Well I made that goal, too I told myself that if I made a third goal {a hat trick} that I was in love with this girl and I would tell her when I get home from being in Canada. Well I made that goal too. So I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU!"  I was in shock! I never in a million years thought he would be telling me that he loved me this soon. I was so excited that I almost forgot to say it back... he looked at me and said, "you don't have to say it back if you don't want to but I really do love you!" I looked at him and said, "oh no, I love you too! I was just so surprised I forgot to say it back." From that day forward we saw or talked to each other every day.
We started talking about getting married soon after we said I love you which to many people on the outside was WAY too fast but we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Well I had asked him if he wanted to go to Disneyland with me in the summer and he said of course he would. So we planned a trip down there. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle so we saved money on a hotel and  my mom is a flight attendant so we had access to CHEAP, CHEAP airline tickets. So we only really had to pay for our tickets to Disneyland which we purchased here in Oregon so they didn't have all the taxes and stuff on them. It was great and not a very expensive trip at all. I had an idea he was planning on asking me to marry him sometime on that trip but I didn't know that for sure. When we got to Disneyland on August 10th, 2007 he told me that he had planned a special dinner for us at the Blue Bayou Restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. {I had always wanted to eat there but never been able to, so he wanted to do something special for me.} We went to dinner and it was such an amazing dinner and it was exactly what I had wanted. When dinner was over he said, "can I ask you something without you getting mad or upset with me?" I looked at him and said "yes, I guess." I was totally confused at why he would ask me this after such an amazing day of fun and then such a great dinner, I didn't suspect a thing! Then he said to me, "Libby Wilson, will you marry me?!" And then I freaked out and couldn't think of anything to say except, "yes, yes, yes!" I never cried which is totally unusual for me because I am an extremely emotional person but I think I was too shocked and excited. We also didn't really think to give each other a kiss until this lady from the table next to ours started saying "kiss her, kiss her!!" So we kissed and then she proceeded to say "I love, love". It was hilarious we were both laughing at that and got totally distracted from just getting engaged! I was so excited though because he had just given me the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life. It was exactly what I wanted and he had designed it all on his own. I had never been happier. I of course immediately called my mom who had been waiting for my call all day because he had asked their permission for my hand in marriage which I thought was completely amazing of him! Yes, it was only 4 months from when we had actually met. I told you we knew almost immediately we loved each other and wanted to spend our lives together.
We decided to get married the next year on June 21st, 2008 which was only 9 months from when we got engaged. So we didn't have an ideal amount of time to plan but it was enough to pull off an amazing wedding at The Old Church in Downtown Portland, Oregon and then the reception at the Oregon Golf Club. It was the perfect start to our marriage! It was the best day of my life until I had my baby last year. That is the story of us. The story of how our love came to be and then grew. I hope you enjoyed hearing my love story.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a closer look at our wedding programs!

when i finally settled on a idea for our programs i knew exactly who to turn to, to turn dreams into realities. jess from irocksowhat has some real talent going on in her life. i am so happy not only that they turned out better than i could have ever imagined but they were created by a lady i consider a friend.
i tired to take photos of the real thing but it would have been really hard for you to read the details so i thought i would share the actual jpegs. picture these bad boys printed on kraft paper cardstock and gorgeous to the max. when i get my wedding photos back i will be sure to share more details with you.

while you wait for more wedding goodness you must head over to my girl and photographer mandy's blog to check out a couple of sneak peaks!

i'm married, so you get guest bloggers!

well, that's it-the decorations are put away and the band has gone home. the stress, saving, head spinning, planning, dancing, and drinking are done and tim and i are married! i have known all along that i picked the right one and could stand by this love the rest of my life. this week while i go on my honeymoon-ok...that's a lie haha we will most likely be moving into our new home with a honeymoon planned for later in the year; in the meantime i have asked some old and new friends to share about their marriages. i am so excited to introduce you to some wonderful new people and i can't wait to share with you about our wedding!
today i have asked courtney from the mommy matters to drop in and share her wisdom. her blog is a new discovery of mine and i am absolutely in love! she is a military wife, where i am sure life isn't always the easiest but so worth it at the same time. let's see what she has to say!

Disney’s Got it all Wrong
by Courtney @ The Mommy Matters

Growing up, I was a Disney Princess kind of girl. 
The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast topped out as my favorite movies. I watched them on repeat, over and over and over again. Fantasizing and dreaming of the day that my handsome prince would come and sweep me off of my feet. We’d have a beautiful and extravagant wedding, ride a carriage off into the sunset and live happily ever after.
Fast-forward 15 years and here I am, married to a military man and chasing around a three year old day in and day out. To say that I got a “fairy tale” ending would be a bit extreme. 
We had a nice wedding…but small. A total of maybe 100 people showed up to watch us say our vows. We ate meatballs and the groom’s cake was in the shape of the University of Alabama’s Collegiate Logo. There was no dancing, no toasting, just a good old fashion get together. We rode off into the sunset in a little black Chevrolet Cobalt, and spent the first night of our married life at a Ramada Inn in Tallahassee, Florida. 
Nothing about that scenery screams Walt Disney.
During the first year of our marriage, I found myself feeling a bit…disappointing with what marriage was really like. We didn’t spend every single second of our time wrapped up in one another’s arms and eating meals by candlelight. In fact, most of the meals we cooked during that first year of marriage were from a box (think Hamburger Helper, people…and a lot of it). We only burned candles to cover the smell of the cigarette smoke that was left from the tenants that had lived in our apartment before we moved in.
I spent a lot of time being weepy and whiney and complaining about life. Where was that fairytale? Why wasn’t everyday a blissful oasis of romance? That wasn’t what I signed up for.
Umm…yeah right.
You see, good old Walt and his Disney crew really set us girls up for a letdown when it comes to marriage because in actuality, things just aren’t that easy. Sure, there are usually honeymoons and nice weddings and romantic evenings during those first few weeks or (if you’re lucky) months of marriage. But what Mr. Disney failed to mention was what happened behind the closed castle doors.
I’m sure after Cinderella, her Prince and their mice got back from a nice little vacation in their magic pumpkin, she found herself back to where she started: scrubbing the floors, doing the dishes, making sure that “prince charming” was all taken care of. Surely she had some sort of help around the “house” (you know, since they were royalty and all) but all of my fellow married ladies know that it could easily take more than one woman to clean up behind a man.
The reality of marriage is that it’s hard. Like crazy, crazy hard. And our husbands—no matter how wonderful they are, how well meaning they can be, and how much we love them—are going to drive us crazy. They’re going to get on our nerves. The house is going to get dirty. The dishes are going to pile up. The kids (when they come along) are going to send you over the edge and make you want to snatch your hair out. And you can bet that on those days, romance is the last thing that is going to be on your mind.
But in the end, despite the frustration, the arguments, the fights and the disagreements…that man, that handsome prince that you met and fell in love with in the beginning, is still there. Somewhere beneath the extra pounds he’s packed on from all of the hamburger helper work and effort that it takes to maintain your relationship, that initial love and appreciation for each other still exists. It’s just a matter of taking time to find it.
Disney movies are great for entertainment. And even now, it’s fun to sit back as a grown married woman and envision what “that” life would be like. I’m sure I could get used to having someone do the laundry for me and scrub my floors…
But, no matter how appealing that is, I think I’ll stick with my Prince. He might not wear shining armor or ride around on a white horse, but he looks pretty good in his Military Uniform, and he loves me, and our son.
In the end, that’s the only “happily ever after” I really need.
Thanks so much to Melissa for giving me a chance to write a little something-something and share it in her space. I’m wishing her many, many years of happiness and love to her and her Prince Charming. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

i'm married, so you get guest bloggers!

well, that's it-the decorations are put away and the band has gone home. the stress, saving, head spinning, planning, dancing, and drinking are done and tim and i are married! i have known all along that i picked the right one and could stand by this love the rest of my life. this week while i go on my honeymoon-ok...that's a lie haha we will most likely be moving into our new home with a honeymoon planned for later in the year; in the meantime  i have asked some old and new friends to share about their marriages. i am so excited to introduce you to some wonderful new people and i can't wait to share with you about our wedding!
this week i want to introduce you to the person who i have known longer than anyone else, well except my parents. no joke, corianne and i were friends in the womb which eventually led to photos of her sticking her finger in my ear while we sat pretty on a couch with ten other babies. I absolutely adore corianne and am so happy we reconnected years ago via myspace. she is absolutely gorgeous and added marriage to her resume last year in a whirlwind ninety day engagement that led to a wedding with a bridal/groom party of twenty-eight! one of her best talents comes in the form of words and as a avid tumblr addict she was excited to share with you some of her and my favorite marriage tagged posts. i hope you are excited!

MAY 12, 2011


Last night, we tried out an exceptional restaurant in Belltown called LIST. It was an intimate space; dimly lit with glowing red chandeliers, damask wallpaper, a wall of mirrors and silver beads hanging from the doorways. I fell in love.
We got the last available table during the mad rush of end-of-evening Happy Hour. It was wedged between two other tables, both occupied. One, by a pretty woman in a gauzy white blouse (I wanted the blouse) and a slightly older, distinguished-looking man. At the other table, two quiet women were finishing their meals.
Paul and I sat down and started to peruse the menu. If you want to know my complete review of this little gem, look me up on Yelp. I raved about it for fifteen paragraphs. This isn’t about the deliciousness of List. It’s about my Fine Dining ADD.
The quiet women finished up and left, quickly replaced by a boisterous brunette girl and her dining companion, a loud, albeit slightly obnoxious, hipster with flaming red hair and thick-rimmed glasses. Paul stared at his glasses. I stared in the mirror behind Paul at the reflection of the couple.
For the next hour, I fought hard. I wanted to pay attention to my husband; truly, I did. But in my defense, I was seated facing the mirrored wall. I could stare openly at both couples, whose conversations I was becoming deeply and rapidly involved in, without anyone noticing. Them, or Paul.

Couple on the right - Gauzy White Blouse and Distinguished Gentleman - split a bottle of wine and a couple of half-priced apps, and I kept hearing some major buzzwords from their table. “Bridal”. “Dress”. “Bridesmaids”. “Money”. She did the talking, he nodded and ate. She was upset about a dress that didn’t fit, considered taking it back. He agreed – then began insisting – that she needed to return said dress. He wasn’t wearing a ring, but a quick glance at her left hand confirmed what I was already suspicious of: they were engaged.
Or, she was married and cheating on her husband with an older, single coworker, but let’s not assume the worst. From the way she talked about the drive to work from “his house”, I’m afraid my not-so-honorable suspicions could be correct. As they argued over whether or not to order another glass of wine, I tuned them out and turned my attention to the table on my left.
Couple on the left had been talking in depth about the menu since they arrived; the guy was from out of town. Boisterous Brunette was hosting, explaining the area and mentioning Facebook several times. Possible online dating? Or maybe old friends; he came in from out of town? Either way, hush, child, about Facebook. Nothing good can come of this.
Obnoxious Hipster was SO loud… talking about obnoxious Hipster things. He was “so over” this, and “so over” that. I fought the urge to ask him to tone it down, I was less than a foot from him and I couldn’t hear myself think.
Paul and I held brief conversations through the course of our meal, but I noticed he wasn’t getting annoyed at me for seeming distracted – one more ridiculous comment from the Obnoxious Hipster on my left confirmed what I already assumed.
Paul was eavesdropping, too.
“Such a tool,” Paul mouthed to me behind a drink of iced water. I almost choked.
It was then I realized we do this often. In Portland, for my husband’s 30th birthday, we had a five-star dinner at the Blue Hour - and we spent the entire length of our meal creating a bio for a man on my right.
He was going over depositions (in my not-so-experienced opinion) with a red pen, reading intently and marking as needed. Possible divorce papers? His steely grey hair and glass of Scotch told me I was on the right track.
He was sipping on a freshly poured glass of red wine, the bottle sitting at the table with him, his only companion. The glass of Scotch (listen to me, like I’m an expert – could have been apple juice for all I know. Or brandy? Scotch sounds better; lawyers drink Scotch) was next to him, nearly empty; possible proof of a long wait in the bar before his table has been ready.
He ate a pretentious salad, sipped some more red. Some sort of soup came next. He tastes it judgingly from a spoon only a few times before his entrée arrived. Duck, or something. All his moves were mechanical; routine, almost. I assumed this was from regular nightly visits to the Blue Hour. Paul said he was distracted, probably from the messy divorce he was moderating.
At some point, the waiter had removed his nearly-empty bottle of wine and prepared it to leave the restaurant with Lawyer Man. Once Lawyer Man had finished his entrée,  the waiter delivered the rest of his wine with the check; the wine was corked and wrapped in a plastic grocery sack.
Yikes. Even me, Susie Hole-In-The-Wall, knew that a fine establishment like this place probably shouldn’t deliver a fine wine in a convenience store grocery sack.
Lawyer Man practically shrieked in horror. Paul and I were giddy. This was better than dinner theatre.
Lawyer Man asked for another waiter by name. New Waiter appeared, apologizing profusely. He took the sack of wine and disappeared, returning only a few seconds later, the wine safely enclosed in an unassuming brown paper bag. New Waiter handed over the properly bagged wine carefully, and Lawyer Man handed him the tab with his credit card, and slipped him a bill discreetly. Something tells me it wasn’t a five.
“Oh my gosh, he’s not gonna tip the other guy! He’s not gonna tip the Original Waiter!” I hissed to Paul. Paul shushed me with his eyes.
As Lawyer Man continued going over his paperwork, I noticed the glimmer of his wedding ring. We debated whether or not he was happily married. Judging by the amount of alcohol he was consuming, my guess was no, but Paul just chalked it up to a bad day at the office. I told Paul if he ever remedied a bad day at the office with a solo visit to a five star restaurant with bottomless Scotch and a bottle of wine to-go, we would have issues. He assured me the only way he would be remedying a bad day at the office was home with me, curled up on the couch watching The Food Network and eating a homemade dinner.
Aww. It was then I realized that it doesn’t matter WHAT you do with your partner in crime, as long as you have fun. I have so much fun with my husband – and I genuinely love hanging out with him. We shared a moment; Fine-Dining ADD agreed with us.
Then, something amazing happened. As our subject prepared to leave, we hurriedly debated over what kind of car Lawyer Man drove. I tried to get a glimpse of his car keys, but couldn’t. He was too swift.
Just like that, he was gone.
However, when Lawyer Man left, he left his signed bill open, face up on the table. On purpose, of course; he liked making his superiority apparent. Just ask Original Waiter, who was probably fired and/or sobbing in the back corner of the kitchen.
Suddenly, I had to go to the bathroom.
As I walked by, I glanced at the receipt. $356.00 for a single dinner + bottle of wine. And he did tip Original Waiter.

APRIL 14, 2011


  • Me, thoughtfully: I need a vacation, babe.
  • Paul, distractedly: Yeah. Hey, by the way, we really need to focus on saving money this next month.
  • Me: Ugh. That'll be a fun trip.

FEBRUARY 18, 2011


I love my husband so much - he is my favorite person in the entire world, hands down.
If I see him roll over when I get up in the morning and steal my pillow (the super soft, snuggley one that I love, the one that he complained about when I bought because he preferred the “firmer” kind, which now has set up camp at the foot of the bed, unused, because it’s “too hard”. Pshh); if I see him steal THAT pillow ONE MORE TIME, then I will punch him in his cute, sleepy face.
Love you babe.

DECEMBER 1, 2010

"Paul, whining: “I want a dooooog… ugh, I want a dog SO BAD. I want Sgt Peppers here, and I want him to run up to me and start licking my toes because he wants attention… ughh, I want a dog.”Me: “Eww! I don’t think I’m really ready for a dog, I’m a new wife, I want the attention. If we get a dog, it’s going to take the focus off of me and I’m not ok with that right now.”
Paul: “Well. Maybe you should start licking my toes."

what did i tell you?, you all learned something make sure you go right now and follow her blog self-proclaimed! even though she is set up with tumblr she has gfc and would love for you to stop by. thanks again corianne!
i leave you guys with some photos from their gorgeous wedding shot by the talented jeff marsh!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

i am married. boom.

i may have forgotten to take photos of so many things i might regret, dropped a hammer on my head, have an iphone covered in hair spray, made friends hold my dress and get me toilet paper while i peed, forgot to say hello to you, got confetti wedged in my bra, and murdered the rumba on my first dance; but yesterday i married my true love and now i am off to live happily ever after (and open presents.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i'm sorry?

here is where another day of giveaways would be, had i not gone to bed and woke up with the worst anxiety/headache/stomach ache/list of things to do ever. i am stressed.
good news is, after a delicious breakfast burrito from the f.hubs (see filed under, reasons why i am marrying him) i looked at my to-do list and it isn't all that bad. just a lot of little stuff.
so when things calm down tonight i will have today's giveaway up and tomorrow's ready to go!

saturday will be an insane day and depending on where i am standing in my aunts house, if lift my large toe to the north, and venus aligns with something i might have service and totally plan to keep you updated on the big day with photos and inappropriate tweets on how hot it is and how my underwear say 'rohr' on the ass. do you follow me on ig or twitter? both alias will be found under olive_juiced. see you there!

Monday, August 22, 2011

my week in iphone photos.

trying something a little different i learned this week from a fellow ig'er. from 'my photos' on ig i snap a screen shot of all the photos i want for my weekly iphone post and then using the app diptic i turn them into these collages. i don't like how fuzzy they are though so hmmm, not sure if i will do it like this again. it made it so easy though! there is a lot this week because last week i only posted wedding going ons but promised to eventually share some of the funny iphone photos i had captured those days. 
i am not in the mood to explain it all, hope you enjoy anyway!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

pnw blogger gathering; get your tickets now!

Alright! I know it's been a while since we've talked about this gathering.... but, we're all pretty busy ladies (i'm getting married next week!). SO! Here are the OFFICIAL details! We will be having 2 gatherings. One is family friendly... the other is for the bloggers only! Gotta have that baby free time!
Daytime gathering:
Since the nighttime gathering is restricted to bloggers only (because of space issues) we also wanted to offer a family gathering at the local park. It's the same day as the nighttime gathering... only earlier in the day. The girls and I plan to be there with our families on September 17th. This is a bring your own food/shtuff event. Suggested items to bring:
- Yummy food to feed you and your family's bellies. And water.
- Possibly blankets, chairs... something comfy to put your bum on.
- Your camera. We're bloggers... I guess that's a pretty obvious item.
- Yourself and family! Or, just yourself. We don't judge if you want a family-free day. ;D 
- Rainy weather stuff... I mean... we are from the PNW... :) Never know if it's going to rain.
If you're interested in joining us at the park, we'd LOVE to meet you! Please email me here for more details about location and time for the morning event. :) Be sure to include your blog URL in the email!
Nighttime gathering:
- We will have a FABULOUS photographer covering the event for us including a a fun photobooth session.
- Prizes!
- Pizza!
- Bloggers!
- Pizza! Oh, I already said that.... 
Details for the Nighttime event:
- Limited space: We can only have 60 people. I know that's not a lot of space... but, this is our first year putting this together... and we only SORT of  know what we're doing. ;D
- We're only allowing bloggers to come to the nighttime event. We'd LOVE LOVE to meet your family and significant others... BUT, since we're limited on space... we had to say no to a second person. (Remember... there is also a morning free park event for the family... see the details above).
- Ticket price covers the cost of food, a photobooth experience, and lots of awesomeness. Drinks are available for purchase separate from the ticket price. :)
- If you're planning to drink: Drinks are separate... and, cash may be easier to buy them with. Just an FYI. Cash is also good for a cab ride home! Safe drinking!
- Time and date: September 17th (time and location will be emailed out within a couple days of ticket purchase).
- If you're coming long distance.... here are a couple hotels right in the area of the gathering: The Grove, West Seattle Inn is the closest. There is also the Georgetown Inn that's a little bit further away.
- IMPORTANT: Please remember to include your email and web address in the paypal purchase info... so we know who you are and how to contact you!!!

We'd also LOVE to thank our sponsors for this fantastic gathering! Please, visit them and say hello!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

word-ish wednesday, i know right?

 go daddy, get them!
 here, just to the right a little.
ugh, just let me get them for you.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pnw blogger gathering; the info you have been waiting for!

I'm here to share more details about the PNW Blogger Meetup on September 17th. We were pleasantly surprised by the response and interest to our original announcement of the event! We had no idea so many people would love to join us!
First up, the daytime event! This part will be open to all bloggers and their families. We'd love to meet you and your significant others and kiddos. This part will be from 10am to 2pm. Things you may want to bring: blankets, snacks/lunch, water bottles/something to drink, and umbrella (just in case! we will be in Seattle....) and even camping chairs if you'd like. It will be a fun and casual and free event where we can all just mingle, kids can play and get to know each other. No need for a formal RSVP, but we hope you all can make it! We will announce the morning event location on Thursday.

The nighttime event! because of the overwhelming response we got about the meet up, there will be limited tickets available to the dinner portion of the evening. this means, unfortunately, that spouses, friends, significant others, and kiddos must be left out (sad, I know.) so we can make sure any bloggers who want to can come. As we grow and learn from this first experience (please go easy on us!) we can hopefully include them next year (or whenever we get brave enough to do this again). But for this time, bloggers only for the night time event.

There will be 60 tickets available starting this Thursday morning (August 18th) at 7am PST/10am EST for purchase at Opal. So, if you want to join us... we recommend you buy your ticket ASAP when it's up and for sale. The ticket price will be $22 and includes food, a photobooth experience and awesomeness.
so... remember to come back here Thursday! We will have a open link to the shop, Opal and just a few more details about the event!

Monday, August 15, 2011

let's get real, with some of your favorite mamas!

we will be back in a few weeks when my head stops spinning from all of this wedding, house buying, end of summer stuff we have going on. i am so excited because in the upcoming posts i will have some brand new to hi, baby mama's stopping by and they all are pretty fantastic! thanks!
in the meantime, enjoy this one picture tutorial on how to save your sanity from two adorable bickering sisters.


me: rowan put on your flip-flops
rowan: ugh, they will break if i wear them twice a day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

two weeks, and some iphone photos.

ya'll, today marks the two week countdown to the day i walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams. sure, i have a bunch of hilarious iphone photos this week of headless children and some that we are affectionately calling captain rash. what fun is that though? wouldn't you rather see some snippits of wedding going ons and try and guess what it will all be like? ok, you talked me into it:
nope, not going to tell you what any of it is. i know, i suck. it would ruin the surprise!
this next week i am going to try and finish up some posts on our summer fun from things we did a month ago. fail. then starting next week will be my BIG wedding week giveaway extravaganza composed of some of my awesome handmade wedding vendors like the papermama, krust, jess at irocksowhat, pretty little life, and other amazing etsy shops that i have stumbled across in my search to throw my dream wedding on a budget!
then, saturday the 27th we say our i dos and get hitched! so while hi, baby is on it's stay-cation honeymoon i promise not to disappoint, some of my favorite blogland ladies + some new gals i can't wait to hear from will be stopping by to talk marriage and life! can you even wait? i am so excited! 

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our saturday.

don't be jealous. or tell tim.

ask rowan, she knows what's up.

this morning i was having a cup of hot chocolate in one of tim's big starbucks coffee cups, i have never had regular brewed coffee and never plan on it. rowan walks up...

rowan: mommy, why are you drinking boy coffee?
me: come again? what is boy coffee?
rowan: that! (points to cup)
me: if this is boy coffee, what does girl coffee look like then?
rowan: girl coffee is at starbucks and boy coffee is at the house.

of course! that makes total sense.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

overwhelmed blogger.

does the blogosphere completely overwhelm you into hiding sometimes? no? just me i guess.
like i open my blogger reader and right-click-open-in-a-new-tab all the ones that grab my eye or my daily reads-then i can't even get past the first one because i have found a new blog to check out and then three more from that one. i mean just keeps going and going and going.
then don't even get me started on commenting, or really the bottom line about why i am rambling on about being overwhelmed. i read all of your blogs, i promise.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the chicken pox, we haz them.

who gets chicken pox anymore? i mean really? i thought we had listed that up there with the measles and the plague long ago. no one we even know has them, could have been the seventeen carts stella has licked already this week or when she was again drinking the water at the spray park. sure.

well, however it happened we have them and we're itchy. (ok, really just stella has them but i itch for her). we already have a pox party planned; i guess summer vacation is prime time to get your kids the chicken pox. stella promises to share cups, lick pacis, and snuggle for days. stella is the first kiddo i have opted out of the vaccine; which doesn't prevent just lessens the outbreak. either way i am sure the vaccine is why the pox are more rare these days.

lucky girl doesn't seem to have a fever or need antibiotics and our pediatrician promises she will be cleared up in time for the wedding. phew. so, we're home today studying the muscles for my final today and tomorrow and fitting in as many oatmeal baths as we can. wish us luck!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the time i lied.

ok fine, as of two days ago stella is totally paci free and it is a lot louder in our house.

Monday, August 8, 2011

my week in iphone photos.

i think i failed a little in the iphone photo taking department this week; at least compared to previous weeks. this last week was a whirlwind all started with a wonderful case of food poisoning. wait, is it really monday again? whoa.
 more wedding stuff. zoe playing at our garage sale. eating a burger like a boss. heading into a dry wedding.
windblown on a boat. bad picture of me and tim. scraggly zoe. on the relaxation station-wow these photos all suck.
feeling nautical. conquring a whale at the mall. new seat. lisa leonard bouquet charm!
staying classy at homedepot. tired tired girl. a double camp plank that i already showed you last week, oops. my wedding dress hanger, 'mrs. rohr'

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let's get real, with some of your favorite mamas! v.5

let’s get real; sometime the day sucks, our kids are extra loud, and you are just begging God to send you an extra pair of arms. i try to be as real as possible here on hi, baby-cause come on life isn't always sparkles and i know mine or your baby isn't pooping rainbows. i love my family to the moon and back but i know how i would answer all these questions and they might not be pretty answers, but hey that’s life. you can bet that every second is worth it though and i will be right back up at it tomorrow.

for the next few plus weeks i am going to introduce you to some of my favorite blogging mamas (three at a time) and their dirty little mama secrets. so are you ready to get real?
have you met jill and corbin yet? your missing out if you haven't-she is one of the sweetest mama's in blogland; she is always coming up with something super fun for her and her super curly haired handsome mister to do everyday. i have had the pleasure of being real life friends with miss honeysett and can't wait to celebrate little corbin birthday with them this month!
blog. twitter.
what is the condition of your house right this second? 
well considering i could barely fill the coffee pot up with water and drank out of a snowman mug this morning i'd say bad. the kitchen at least. dishes are the least favorite chore for both ryan and i so it always seems like the last thing to get done. the rest of the house is cleaned up though! pick up toys and fluff pillows? that's the easy stuff!
what is something that your nugget(s) do that drive you absolutely crazy? 
hhhmmm...i wouldn't say it drives me crazy but he throws stuff when he gets frustrated. i guess it drives me crazy not knowing a way to help him through his frustration without hurling trucks across the room!
if you suddenly were granted two uninterrupted laundry and dishwasher free hours daily what would you do?
i'd probably sit on my butt and catch up on trashy tv on my tivo, blog, or work on getting better at my sewing machine skillz.
who is number one on your elevator list? who you can…well, grope without consequence if ever caught in an elevator with said person?
oh geez. uhm, recently i watched the whole my so called life series and there is something about jared leto that I CAN NOT GET OVER! so, him!
what is your secret weapon to survive a not great day?
getting outside! corbin could wake up a total crab apple but the second we step outside he's a whole different kid! he loves it outside and i love watching him explore and have a fun time running around. and coffee! always coffee!
ok, now the most important question; at the end of the day when the house is finally quite how do you unwind? 
i ususally plop down on the couch, laptop on lap (editing pics, twittering, blogging), husband to my side, and watch tv.
this is stephanie and she possibly is the cutest EVER, ok well maybe her little one hallie may be just a little bit cuter. i thought this would be the perfect week to show off this adorable lady and blog, because...guess what? it is her wedding anniversary this week and i think you should totally head over and wish her a million more years of happiness.
what is the condition of your house right this second? 
Clean! I really can't function without it being that way. I'm a complete and total neat freak, through and through.
what is something that your nugget(s) do that drive you absolutely crazy? 
Climbing on stuff, then bouncing. Really? Why is there the need to bounce on every.little.thing?! 
if you suddenly were granted two uninterrupted laundry and dishwasher free hours daily what would you do?
Haha, that's usually naptime for me! Luckily, I'm raising a mini neat freak who likes to help me clean throughout the day. I usually blog and sometimes nap! Oh man, do I love to nap. 
who is number one on your elevator list? who you can…well, grope without consequence if ever caught in an elevator with said person?
Adrian Grenier. Those lips, those eyes... Go ahead, google him. Then come back here and give me a very well deserved thank you.
what is your secret weapon to survive a not great day?
Fro-yo and Target. It's pretty common for me to make a stop at our local fro-yo place, then run into the Target next door and browse. So calming to the soul.
ok, now the most important question; at the end of the day when the house is finally quite how do you unwind? 
Freakin' eat some oreos and watch extremely dumb TV.
this is mandy; my friend, and wedding photographer-yep!! this girl can take a photo for reals and is blessed enough to call that her job. her adorable bennett is absolutely hilarious and we just love getting together with them for play dates and girls night outs!
blog. twitter
what is the condition of your house right this second? 
Oh gosh, it's a disaster right now. My little tornado has made his rounds pulling everything off of the shelves and counters. what is something that your nugget(s) do that drive you absolutely crazy? 
He climbs onto the computer desk. That drives me nuts because he starts yanking at the cables on the computer and banging on the monitor. Ugh. 
if you suddenly were granted two uninterrupted laundry and dishwasher free hours daily what would you do?
Ooooh well I would probably be editing client sessions and if I didn't have any work to do, I would catch up on my DVR. who is number one on your elevator list? who you can…well, grope without consequence if ever caught in an elevator with said person?
Franklin Gutierrez from the Seattle Mariner's baseball team :) Yum.  
what is your secret weapon to survive a not great day?
Lots of junk food. Oh wait, is that why I'm not losing any weight?? lol 
ok, now the most important question; at the end of the day when the house is finally quite how do you unwind? 
I write/read blogs. I love to just sit in the peace & quiet and write about my day and read about other people's lives. Yah, I'm super nosey like that. But hey, isn't that what blogging is for?? To peek into other people's lives and be inspired?  

stay tuned for next weeks, let's get real! want to be featured? is your house messier than mine you think? then email me, i would love to have you! hibabyblog (at) gmail (dot) com

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


you would think after three kids i would know it all. everything.
yet, i don't and i am continually blown away at how different each of these girls is and how much my parenting changes and adjusts to fit them...and...let's be honest, me sometimes. this weekend after my aunt had watched the girls for twenty-four hours she was saying she knows why we have kids young and i even chimed in at the barely lived my life age of twenty-six i can tell a huge difference in my energy levels with zoe compared to stella. or my patience, ability to not sweat the small stuff, or most importantly my hurry to have them grow up.
i have three kids, i know how much time speeds up once you first hold that perfect freshly baked baby and then suddenly they are in second grade and hanging up justin bieber posters. when zoe was a baby i was in a rush for her to eat solids, to walk, to sleep in a big girl bed, drink from a cup, and stop her paci-i was more excited than her to experience these milestones. with rowan i was a little less and with stella i would sit on her all day if it would stop her from getting even one day older.
so, let's talk about pacis'; i hate them. stella hated them too till one day six or so months into life she decided she was in love and wanted to marry her paci. dammit. zoe hit twelve months and a few days was down to her last one and i looked her square in the face one night and told her, 'this was it, once it's's gone' and we never looked back (it got lost the next day and she could have cared less). rowan hit fifteen months or so and tim moved in; he hated the paci more than me. so, the next day he threw them in the garbage as rowan watched in horror; she went to nap that day screaming her bloody head off, climbed fell out of her crib for the first time and was officially sleeping in a big girl bed without a paci.
stella is going on seventeen months and i am really caring less these days if she goes off to college with it. it makes her happy and it keeps her quite while i try and cram for a bone practical. some weeks i act all tough and i swear we are done or i try to limit it to just nap/bed times which works great till she finds a cleverly hidden one and i face world war three if i were to try and take it.
ok, let me just stop you there; i am not a push over-i am anything but. i am all about love, logic, and tough love when need be. i love my kids to the end of the earth and they have my undivided heart and attention but i think it is important to raise them to be logically thinking and functioning little humans.
i am not sure where i was really going with this, maybe i just need to justify to myself why i don't care, cause i don't. stella can get married with her paci in, maybe it can be her something old. i go nuts on cause it winds me down and makes me happy-what if someone suddenly cut the end of that and threw it in the garbage? ok, fine i probably won't let her keep it for much longer i have been working with her to think it is yucky and now sometimes when she finds one she brings it to me and goes, 'ucccch!' and throws it down. maybe that is how it works with stella? she has to make the decision? fine with me.

pssst, i am hanging out over at soul singing liv where i talk chicks for her girlfriend guide series!

Monday, August 1, 2011

my week in iphone photos.

wow, i have a lot of photos to share this week and this is even counting most of our weekend-i'll save those for next week and spare you from having to stare at my blog too long. it may cause blindness from all of the cute.
as usual, out of order and lacking descriptions but would you have it any other way?

not rowan's proudest plank. weekly stella in the toy box photo. kitchen planking. crib planking.
i let my seven year old tan, not. rowan's jean stash, i am mildly jealous. this is how everyone watches fairly off parents, no? taking a nap like a boss.
bored and hot. a stuffed honda. fun with sidewalk chalk, can you believe how cute these kids are?
the blonde. stella's version of the warrior dash. beach planking. goodwill board book haul.
double camping plank. moi. baby. silly ladies.
mmm, pease. contained rowdy children. fridge planking. tv, planking-i got a stern talking to from tim for this one.
morning cartoons. laundy plank. mud pit at the beach. bubble.
i guess you get another version of this photo, oops. curls for days. apartment luau. where the curls come from.
mud pit plank playing with the minature filter on camera+. playdate with lennox at the children's museum. hula hooping.
my man and me. loving life at the gorge #chriscornell. boat race traffic on the way home. best friends playing at the spray park<--ok, i cheated i just took that today.
best reading spot in the house. chai tea heaven.