Monday, August 29, 2011

i'm married, so you get guest bloggers!

well, that's it-the decorations are put away and the band has gone home. the stress, saving, head spinning, planning, dancing, and drinking are done and tim and i are married! i have known all along that i picked the right one and could stand by this love the rest of my life. this week while i go on my honeymoon-ok...that's a lie haha we will most likely be moving into our new home with a honeymoon planned for later in the year; in the meantime  i have asked some old and new friends to share about their marriages. i am so excited to introduce you to some wonderful new people and i can't wait to share with you about our wedding!
this week i want to introduce you to the person who i have known longer than anyone else, well except my parents. no joke, corianne and i were friends in the womb which eventually led to photos of her sticking her finger in my ear while we sat pretty on a couch with ten other babies. I absolutely adore corianne and am so happy we reconnected years ago via myspace. she is absolutely gorgeous and added marriage to her resume last year in a whirlwind ninety day engagement that led to a wedding with a bridal/groom party of twenty-eight! one of her best talents comes in the form of words and as a avid tumblr addict she was excited to share with you some of her and my favorite marriage tagged posts. i hope you are excited!

MAY 12, 2011


Last night, we tried out an exceptional restaurant in Belltown called LIST. It was an intimate space; dimly lit with glowing red chandeliers, damask wallpaper, a wall of mirrors and silver beads hanging from the doorways. I fell in love.
We got the last available table during the mad rush of end-of-evening Happy Hour. It was wedged between two other tables, both occupied. One, by a pretty woman in a gauzy white blouse (I wanted the blouse) and a slightly older, distinguished-looking man. At the other table, two quiet women were finishing their meals.
Paul and I sat down and started to peruse the menu. If you want to know my complete review of this little gem, look me up on Yelp. I raved about it for fifteen paragraphs. This isn’t about the deliciousness of List. It’s about my Fine Dining ADD.
The quiet women finished up and left, quickly replaced by a boisterous brunette girl and her dining companion, a loud, albeit slightly obnoxious, hipster with flaming red hair and thick-rimmed glasses. Paul stared at his glasses. I stared in the mirror behind Paul at the reflection of the couple.
For the next hour, I fought hard. I wanted to pay attention to my husband; truly, I did. But in my defense, I was seated facing the mirrored wall. I could stare openly at both couples, whose conversations I was becoming deeply and rapidly involved in, without anyone noticing. Them, or Paul.

Couple on the right - Gauzy White Blouse and Distinguished Gentleman - split a bottle of wine and a couple of half-priced apps, and I kept hearing some major buzzwords from their table. “Bridal”. “Dress”. “Bridesmaids”. “Money”. She did the talking, he nodded and ate. She was upset about a dress that didn’t fit, considered taking it back. He agreed – then began insisting – that she needed to return said dress. He wasn’t wearing a ring, but a quick glance at her left hand confirmed what I was already suspicious of: they were engaged.
Or, she was married and cheating on her husband with an older, single coworker, but let’s not assume the worst. From the way she talked about the drive to work from “his house”, I’m afraid my not-so-honorable suspicions could be correct. As they argued over whether or not to order another glass of wine, I tuned them out and turned my attention to the table on my left.
Couple on the left had been talking in depth about the menu since they arrived; the guy was from out of town. Boisterous Brunette was hosting, explaining the area and mentioning Facebook several times. Possible online dating? Or maybe old friends; he came in from out of town? Either way, hush, child, about Facebook. Nothing good can come of this.
Obnoxious Hipster was SO loud… talking about obnoxious Hipster things. He was “so over” this, and “so over” that. I fought the urge to ask him to tone it down, I was less than a foot from him and I couldn’t hear myself think.
Paul and I held brief conversations through the course of our meal, but I noticed he wasn’t getting annoyed at me for seeming distracted – one more ridiculous comment from the Obnoxious Hipster on my left confirmed what I already assumed.
Paul was eavesdropping, too.
“Such a tool,” Paul mouthed to me behind a drink of iced water. I almost choked.
It was then I realized we do this often. In Portland, for my husband’s 30th birthday, we had a five-star dinner at the Blue Hour - and we spent the entire length of our meal creating a bio for a man on my right.
He was going over depositions (in my not-so-experienced opinion) with a red pen, reading intently and marking as needed. Possible divorce papers? His steely grey hair and glass of Scotch told me I was on the right track.
He was sipping on a freshly poured glass of red wine, the bottle sitting at the table with him, his only companion. The glass of Scotch (listen to me, like I’m an expert – could have been apple juice for all I know. Or brandy? Scotch sounds better; lawyers drink Scotch) was next to him, nearly empty; possible proof of a long wait in the bar before his table has been ready.
He ate a pretentious salad, sipped some more red. Some sort of soup came next. He tastes it judgingly from a spoon only a few times before his entrée arrived. Duck, or something. All his moves were mechanical; routine, almost. I assumed this was from regular nightly visits to the Blue Hour. Paul said he was distracted, probably from the messy divorce he was moderating.
At some point, the waiter had removed his nearly-empty bottle of wine and prepared it to leave the restaurant with Lawyer Man. Once Lawyer Man had finished his entrée,  the waiter delivered the rest of his wine with the check; the wine was corked and wrapped in a plastic grocery sack.
Yikes. Even me, Susie Hole-In-The-Wall, knew that a fine establishment like this place probably shouldn’t deliver a fine wine in a convenience store grocery sack.
Lawyer Man practically shrieked in horror. Paul and I were giddy. This was better than dinner theatre.
Lawyer Man asked for another waiter by name. New Waiter appeared, apologizing profusely. He took the sack of wine and disappeared, returning only a few seconds later, the wine safely enclosed in an unassuming brown paper bag. New Waiter handed over the properly bagged wine carefully, and Lawyer Man handed him the tab with his credit card, and slipped him a bill discreetly. Something tells me it wasn’t a five.
“Oh my gosh, he’s not gonna tip the other guy! He’s not gonna tip the Original Waiter!” I hissed to Paul. Paul shushed me with his eyes.
As Lawyer Man continued going over his paperwork, I noticed the glimmer of his wedding ring. We debated whether or not he was happily married. Judging by the amount of alcohol he was consuming, my guess was no, but Paul just chalked it up to a bad day at the office. I told Paul if he ever remedied a bad day at the office with a solo visit to a five star restaurant with bottomless Scotch and a bottle of wine to-go, we would have issues. He assured me the only way he would be remedying a bad day at the office was home with me, curled up on the couch watching The Food Network and eating a homemade dinner.
Aww. It was then I realized that it doesn’t matter WHAT you do with your partner in crime, as long as you have fun. I have so much fun with my husband – and I genuinely love hanging out with him. We shared a moment; Fine-Dining ADD agreed with us.
Then, something amazing happened. As our subject prepared to leave, we hurriedly debated over what kind of car Lawyer Man drove. I tried to get a glimpse of his car keys, but couldn’t. He was too swift.
Just like that, he was gone.
However, when Lawyer Man left, he left his signed bill open, face up on the table. On purpose, of course; he liked making his superiority apparent. Just ask Original Waiter, who was probably fired and/or sobbing in the back corner of the kitchen.
Suddenly, I had to go to the bathroom.
As I walked by, I glanced at the receipt. $356.00 for a single dinner + bottle of wine. And he did tip Original Waiter.

APRIL 14, 2011


  • Me, thoughtfully: I need a vacation, babe.
  • Paul, distractedly: Yeah. Hey, by the way, we really need to focus on saving money this next month.
  • Me: Ugh. That'll be a fun trip.

FEBRUARY 18, 2011


I love my husband so much - he is my favorite person in the entire world, hands down.
If I see him roll over when I get up in the morning and steal my pillow (the super soft, snuggley one that I love, the one that he complained about when I bought because he preferred the “firmer” kind, which now has set up camp at the foot of the bed, unused, because it’s “too hard”. Pshh); if I see him steal THAT pillow ONE MORE TIME, then I will punch him in his cute, sleepy face.
Love you babe.

DECEMBER 1, 2010

"Paul, whining: “I want a dooooog… ugh, I want a dog SO BAD. I want Sgt Peppers here, and I want him to run up to me and start licking my toes because he wants attention… ughh, I want a dog.”Me: “Eww! I don’t think I’m really ready for a dog, I’m a new wife, I want the attention. If we get a dog, it’s going to take the focus off of me and I’m not ok with that right now.”
Paul: “Well. Maybe you should start licking my toes."

what did i tell you?, you all learned something make sure you go right now and follow her blog self-proclaimed! even though she is set up with tumblr she has gfc and would love for you to stop by. thanks again corianne!
i leave you guys with some photos from their gorgeous wedding shot by the talented jeff marsh!