Monday, August 1, 2011


oh hai, remember that time i went to the gorge to drool on chris cornell, had the time of my life and then woke up the next morning with food poisoning? i won't even mention the rows of honey buckets that i faced had i not kicked my fiance out of the tent and make him drive me home immediately.
i blame drunk boys cooking me hot dogs.

so, let's get real will be back next week. you know, when i am not barfing my brains out.



melissa rohr said...

Hope your feeling better!

melissa rohr said...

Aww that blows. Man, those honey buckets are the WORST. Every time I go.....I'm like, "man, i hope i never get sick here because if i had to use those potties....". Hope you feel better soon!

melissa rohr said...

Hope you feel better soon!  Vomiting is really not fun at all!
P.S. Your Girlfriend Guide post is up tomorrow!  Thanks again for participating!