Monday, August 1, 2011

my week in iphone photos.

wow, i have a lot of photos to share this week and this is even counting most of our weekend-i'll save those for next week and spare you from having to stare at my blog too long. it may cause blindness from all of the cute.
as usual, out of order and lacking descriptions but would you have it any other way?

not rowan's proudest plank. weekly stella in the toy box photo. kitchen planking. crib planking.
i let my seven year old tan, not. rowan's jean stash, i am mildly jealous. this is how everyone watches fairly off parents, no? taking a nap like a boss.
bored and hot. a stuffed honda. fun with sidewalk chalk, can you believe how cute these kids are?
the blonde. stella's version of the warrior dash. beach planking. goodwill board book haul.
double camping plank. moi. baby. silly ladies.
mmm, pease. contained rowdy children. fridge planking. tv, planking-i got a stern talking to from tim for this one.
morning cartoons. laundy plank. mud pit at the beach. bubble.
i guess you get another version of this photo, oops. curls for days. apartment luau. where the curls come from.
mud pit plank playing with the minature filter on camera+. playdate with lennox at the children's museum. hula hooping.
my man and me. loving life at the gorge #chriscornell. boat race traffic on the way home. best friends playing at the spray park<--ok, i cheated i just took that today.
best reading spot in the house. chai tea heaven.


melissa rohr said...

I love all your pictures! & the planking cracks me up!!!

melissa rohr said...

Found you from a good life...OMG the planks!  Hilarious!

melissa rohr said...

I love all the planking. The TV one is awesome. And I agree, chai tea is heaven!