Monday, August 8, 2011

my week in iphone photos.

i think i failed a little in the iphone photo taking department this week; at least compared to previous weeks. this last week was a whirlwind all started with a wonderful case of food poisoning. wait, is it really monday again? whoa.
 more wedding stuff. zoe playing at our garage sale. eating a burger like a boss. heading into a dry wedding.
windblown on a boat. bad picture of me and tim. scraggly zoe. on the relaxation station-wow these photos all suck.
feeling nautical. conquring a whale at the mall. new seat. lisa leonard bouquet charm!
staying classy at homedepot. tired tired girl. a double camp plank that i already showed you last week, oops. my wedding dress hanger, 'mrs. rohr'

also, linking up with InstaFriday.


melissa rohr said...

these are great! I love your wedding dress hanger. that is really cool.

melissa rohr said...

Actually, I think that's a BADASS picture of you and tim.

melissa rohr said...

Y'all look like hipsters or something.