Tuesday, August 2, 2011


you would think after three kids i would know it all. everything.
yet, i don't and i am continually blown away at how different each of these girls is and how much my parenting changes and adjusts to fit them...and...let's be honest, me sometimes. this weekend after my aunt had watched the girls for twenty-four hours she was saying she knows why we have kids young and i even chimed in at the barely lived my life age of twenty-six i can tell a huge difference in my energy levels with zoe compared to stella. or my patience, ability to not sweat the small stuff, or most importantly my hurry to have them grow up.
i have three kids, i know how much time speeds up once you first hold that perfect freshly baked baby and then suddenly they are in second grade and hanging up justin bieber posters. when zoe was a baby i was in a rush for her to eat solids, to walk, to sleep in a big girl bed, drink from a cup, and stop her paci-i was more excited than her to experience these milestones. with rowan i was a little less and with stella i would sit on her all day if it would stop her from getting even one day older.
so, let's talk about pacis'; i hate them. stella hated them too till one day six or so months into life she decided she was in love and wanted to marry her paci. dammit. zoe hit twelve months and a few days was down to her last one and i looked her square in the face one night and told her, 'this was it, once it's gone...it's gone' and we never looked back (it got lost the next day and she could have cared less). rowan hit fifteen months or so and tim moved in; he hated the paci more than me. so, the next day he threw them in the garbage as rowan watched in horror; she went to nap that day screaming her bloody head off, climbed fell out of her crib for the first time and was officially sleeping in a big girl bed without a paci.
stella is going on seventeen months and i am really caring less these days if she goes off to college with it. it makes her happy and it keeps her quite while i try and cram for a bone practical. some weeks i act all tough and i swear we are done or i try to limit it to just nap/bed times which works great till she finds a cleverly hidden one and i face world war three if i were to try and take it.
ok, let me just stop you there; i am not a push over-i am anything but. i am all about love, logic, and tough love when need be. i love my kids to the end of the earth and they have my undivided heart and attention but i think it is important to raise them to be logically thinking and functioning little humans.
i am not sure where i was really going with this, maybe i just need to justify to myself why i don't care, cause i don't. stella can get married with her paci in, maybe it can be her something old. i go nuts on pintrest.com cause it winds me down and makes me happy-what if someone suddenly cut the end of that and threw it in the garbage? ok, fine i probably won't let her keep it for much longer i have been working with her to think it is yucky and now sometimes when she finds one she brings it to me and goes, 'ucccch!' and throws it down. maybe that is how it works with stella? she has to make the decision? fine with me.

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melissa rohr said...

Well I only have one child and I am in no hurry to get rid of her paci. Not at all. It helps her sleep through the night and nap longer and we are both happy. She is 15 months and at her 12 month appt her doctor told me we should work on getting rid if it. I just looked at her like she had 2 heads.

melissa rohr said...

I think it's easier when there isn't another one to fight over it. I got rid of the boys' without thinking about it too long. Even though it was a source of soothing for them, it was also a source of problems. Fighting over them, hoarding them, crying when they didn't have one or couldn't find it. It took them one night and one nap and they're fine. And the boys are actually HAPPIER now, which I didn't expect. They can't cry for it anymore. There are less fights over them. They can't throw them out of their crib or in the car or in public when they're mad. It's actually made our lives a lot easier haha! And I thought it would be more difficult!

melissa rohr said...

I wish Eve would take one, so she'd stop using me as one during the night...