Thursday, August 18, 2011

pnw blogger gathering; get your tickets now!

Alright! I know it's been a while since we've talked about this gathering.... but, we're all pretty busy ladies (i'm getting married next week!). SO! Here are the OFFICIAL details! We will be having 2 gatherings. One is family friendly... the other is for the bloggers only! Gotta have that baby free time!
Daytime gathering:
Since the nighttime gathering is restricted to bloggers only (because of space issues) we also wanted to offer a family gathering at the local park. It's the same day as the nighttime gathering... only earlier in the day. The girls and I plan to be there with our families on September 17th. This is a bring your own food/shtuff event. Suggested items to bring:
- Yummy food to feed you and your family's bellies. And water.
- Possibly blankets, chairs... something comfy to put your bum on.
- Your camera. We're bloggers... I guess that's a pretty obvious item.
- Yourself and family! Or, just yourself. We don't judge if you want a family-free day. ;D 
- Rainy weather stuff... I mean... we are from the PNW... :) Never know if it's going to rain.
If you're interested in joining us at the park, we'd LOVE to meet you! Please email me here for more details about location and time for the morning event. :) Be sure to include your blog URL in the email!
Nighttime gathering:
- We will have a FABULOUS photographer covering the event for us including a a fun photobooth session.
- Prizes!
- Pizza!
- Bloggers!
- Pizza! Oh, I already said that.... 
Details for the Nighttime event:
- Limited space: We can only have 60 people. I know that's not a lot of space... but, this is our first year putting this together... and we only SORT of  know what we're doing. ;D
- We're only allowing bloggers to come to the nighttime event. We'd LOVE LOVE to meet your family and significant others... BUT, since we're limited on space... we had to say no to a second person. (Remember... there is also a morning free park event for the family... see the details above).
- Ticket price covers the cost of food, a photobooth experience, and lots of awesomeness. Drinks are available for purchase separate from the ticket price. :)
- If you're planning to drink: Drinks are separate... and, cash may be easier to buy them with. Just an FYI. Cash is also good for a cab ride home! Safe drinking!
- Time and date: September 17th (time and location will be emailed out within a couple days of ticket purchase).
- If you're coming long distance.... here are a couple hotels right in the area of the gathering: The Grove, West Seattle Inn is the closest. There is also the Georgetown Inn that's a little bit further away.
- IMPORTANT: Please remember to include your email and web address in the paypal purchase info... so we know who you are and how to contact you!!!

We'd also LOVE to thank our sponsors for this fantastic gathering! Please, visit them and say hello!