Saturday, August 13, 2011

two weeks, and some iphone photos.

ya'll, today marks the two week countdown to the day i walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams. sure, i have a bunch of hilarious iphone photos this week of headless children and some that we are affectionately calling captain rash. what fun is that though? wouldn't you rather see some snippits of wedding going ons and try and guess what it will all be like? ok, you talked me into it:
nope, not going to tell you what any of it is. i know, i suck. it would ruin the surprise!
this next week i am going to try and finish up some posts on our summer fun from things we did a month ago. fail. then starting next week will be my BIG wedding week giveaway extravaganza composed of some of my awesome handmade wedding vendors like the papermama, krust, jess at irocksowhat, pretty little life, and other amazing etsy shops that i have stumbled across in my search to throw my dream wedding on a budget!
then, saturday the 27th we say our i dos and get hitched! so while hi, baby is on it's stay-cation honeymoon i promise not to disappoint, some of my favorite blogland ladies + some new gals i can't wait to hear from will be stopping by to talk marriage and life! can you even wait? i am so excited! 

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melissa rohr said...

yay! this makes me happy!