Thursday, September 29, 2011

photography dabbles.

after pinning like a mad woman to prepare for a little maternity shoot with my sister we headed out to my new favorite photography spot - as seen in my first look photos from the wedding. not before we did a quick little boudoir shoot though, it was super fun in all and i LOVE how all of the poses and lighting turned out but i still have so much to learn. don't look to closely at any one photo, they are grainy and obviously done by an amateur but she is happy with the result and that is all that matters!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we're alive, i promise.

somewhere still packed in the stack of boxes upstairs is my free time to blog.
in the meantime we are discovering stella is a climber, starting preschool, hiding in the cupboards, and learning to sleep in a floor bed.
rowan started her first year of preschool on monday. she is int he mixed preschool and pre-k room that goes three days a week. so far all she remembers from her day is what they ate for snack but either way she loves it! i am going to try really hard to take a phone photo of her every day we go - mandy from harper's happenings inspired this idea! i got a super cute first day photo that i need to edit, totally pinterest inspired!
the girls immediately claimed this cupboard as a fort. i have since moved everything out of it and you can now find blankets and books in there. we just need some sort of light!
yea, this. i was busy in the kitchen when all of the sudden i thought i heard water running - i walked into the bathroom to this...stella had scaled the cabinet, climbed into the sink, turned the water on, and was happily splashing around fully clothed. and you know what? i let her play in there - you only live once! after i made a mental note to keep the bathroom doors closed from now on.
just a cute photos of my sleep extended rear facing girl ont he way to pick na-na up from preschool.

Friday, September 23, 2011


i didn't want to really bring it up on here in case things didn't work out, wow...that would be embarrassing. as of today at 3:30pm we are the official proud new owners of this beauty! this is both of our first house and we couldn't be more excited. i am off to paint and get ready for the move tomorrow - can't wait to share more with you as the decorating and moving progresses!

Monday, September 19, 2011

i heart faces: a touch of sun

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

PNW blogger meetup!

file under reasons why i am a blogger...
blogging has opened up a million (at least) doors for me these last few years. if not just as a creative outlet, a place that has introduced me to a community that at this point i couldn't live without! almost exactly this time last year marked the very first meetup i embarked on, that time not knowing a single person yet in real life it was really putting myself out there and i was scared to death! now with several of those under my bloggy belt it was time to go large scale.

the wheels were already turning for a large scale meetup when my plans collided with mandy and chelsey who were thinking the exact same thing; three months, a pizza place, and some amazing women later we made it happen! we were so new at this but we didn't care, you have to start somewhere? no?

it was so great meeting every last lady who showed up saturday night that i only wish there had been more time to get to know every last one a little better. it was great seeing faces of those i have grown close to over the last year and see ones that i might have otherwise missed in this blogosphere.

steppin' out staurday: PNW blogger meet up!

i am still recovering from a loooooong weekend of blog partying, house 'fillings' shopping, and visiting with family. i will have my individual photo up in a jiffy, but in the meantime here is one of the two ladies and i who made the first annual PNW blogger meetup happen! a huge thanks to everyone who came out!

dress: ruche
cardigan: target
boots: blowfish via dsw
necklace: tiffany's (xoxo husband!)
nametage: office supply store or probably target

Thursday, September 15, 2011

hi, baby?

i spy with my little eye...

wedding photo sneak peek!

it's what you gave been waiting for! a little peek into my perfect wedding day to the perfect man.
i am over the moon for the photos that mandy has shown us so far and i can't wait to get the final product and start picking enlargements for our new home. 
she perfectly captured every little detail there was, something i can look back on the remember the blur of a day for forever. to see the rest of our sneak peak make sure to head over to and scroll through all of the vintage country goodness that was our big day!
this is one of my absolute favorites!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a hike.

i have put hiking with the kids on my bucket list the last couple of years and this year we finally tested the water with just stella. on the fourth of july we woke up early and headed to our favorite hiking spot in the northbend area called rattlesnake. it is super easy and just the right length; just enough to get your heart pounding and your conscious feeling a little less guilty about the two blizzards you ate the week before. not that i am talking about me or anything.
tim carried stella in our very unused kelty and didn't hate it but didn't love it either; we had to pause and adjust ten different straps every little while till we got it feeling just right and supported in the right places. this trail was great for the parenting ego too, ha! i already know my kids are cute but it was confirmed several times by every other person on the trail who had to stop us mid climb to talk about stella's ringlets, stare into her soulful eyes, or just shout a 'she is a doll!' at us as we passed by.
at the top we enjoyed a true hikers snack of fruits and cliff bars before we started our trip back down and apparently nap time for stella. it was the perfect way to kick of the holiday!

Monday, September 12, 2011


what a perfect way to end this spree of hot weather the pnw decided to go on while we all were all hugging our hoodies and waiting for fall. saturday we woke up early and headed to a seattle favorite; greenlake. we found parking right away which is a good sign that the paths won't be insane. rowan has just recently mastered her bike with training wheels so we thought this would be a good test for her. i have never seen someone peddal so slow in my life, haha (the video below is sped up 4x in most places and it still looks lke she is barely moving)! she took a spill right away from over correcting on a tiny hill but i was so proud of her, she jumped right up and got back on.
about a quarter of the way around we stopped at the swimming area, i grew up swimming here and lately it is hit or miss if swimming is ok in greenlake (the algae gets out of control). i couldn't believe how clear it was, totally a-ok to swim in. stella LOVED it, she is such a water baby. she would walk around and even fell under for a sec and it didn't bother her a bit.
rowan's efforts to ride her bike the whole time earned her a icecream on the way home. hey, we had to pump them up some how with hours of fridge shopping to follow.
*the girlies and i even got to be on the news friday, we were dipping our toes in the lake at the kirkland water front when we were interviewd on how we planned to stay cool in this 'heat wave' the reporter called it. heat wave? it was maybe 75 degrees out. i had to chuckle a little.