Sunday, September 11, 2011


(on my way to school, junior year.) i was in my car, my little white pontiac sunfire that i had begged and begged to get. i was probably listening to kube 93.3 or kiss 106.1 when i first heard the reports and started to notice the anguished faces around me. i have to be honest i was a little lost, i lived in the little plastic box of high school and my life and such the revolved around that...i was totally lost as to what the world trade center was. none of that mattered, i still felt the loss deep in my heart.
i got to school and people we're gathered around cars gasping, crying, consoling, hugging, listening, gripping to any new news. we were ushered into school by the now unimportant sounds of the bells. ap english; first period, the second tower was hit.
this is how my day went on. there was no attempt at any lessons or learning. lots of people left early.
i remember at one point caught up in conversations around me, i legitimately began to fear for my own life. 'schools could be next!' 'seattle will be hit for sure!', could it really be?
after school was followed by my friends and i glued to the tv, crammed on couches, trying to grasp what had happened and better yet what were we going to do about it?!
what were you doing?