Thursday, September 1, 2011

the best wedding advice anyone ever gave you.

1. slow the frick down; soak up every second: even if you need to assign a person for the sole purpose of reminding you every fifteen minutes or so to just to stop, gaze around at what you have created, how people are enjoying themselves, and just take it all in then seriously do it. i guarantee, time moves at warp speed on your wedding day.

2. make more lists then you can ever imagine (and really try to follow them.): there are so many photo opportunities that i wanted to capture that i didn't, a few decorations that didn't happen because we got busy and forgot, and moments that didn't happen.

3. hire your photographer for more than six hours: six hours seams like a ton of time, no? it isn't, i promise.

4. don't let your groom and his minions get away with not helping the day of: i let tim and his guys go home the night of the rehearsal to relax (really what they did was close out a bar then stay up till 4am totally wasted, haha), wake up early to play golf, and leisurely get ready. BIG mistake, i spent all of saturday morning cussing under my breath and out-loud about how i can't believe i shorthanded me and my ladies in the set up department. hear that boys? it's your fault that hammer fell on my head, xoxo.

you're welcome.