Monday, September 12, 2011


what a perfect way to end this spree of hot weather the pnw decided to go on while we all were all hugging our hoodies and waiting for fall. saturday we woke up early and headed to a seattle favorite; greenlake. we found parking right away which is a good sign that the paths won't be insane. rowan has just recently mastered her bike with training wheels so we thought this would be a good test for her. i have never seen someone peddal so slow in my life, haha (the video below is sped up 4x in most places and it still looks lke she is barely moving)! she took a spill right away from over correcting on a tiny hill but i was so proud of her, she jumped right up and got back on.
about a quarter of the way around we stopped at the swimming area, i grew up swimming here and lately it is hit or miss if swimming is ok in greenlake (the algae gets out of control). i couldn't believe how clear it was, totally a-ok to swim in. stella LOVED it, she is such a water baby. she would walk around and even fell under for a sec and it didn't bother her a bit.
rowan's efforts to ride her bike the whole time earned her a icecream on the way home. hey, we had to pump them up some how with hours of fridge shopping to follow.
*the girlies and i even got to be on the news friday, we were dipping our toes in the lake at the kirkland water front when we were interviewd on how we planned to stay cool in this 'heat wave' the reporter called it. heat wave? it was maybe 75 degrees out. i had to chuckle a little.