Monday, September 19, 2011

PNW blogger meetup!

file under reasons why i am a blogger...
blogging has opened up a million (at least) doors for me these last few years. if not just as a creative outlet, a place that has introduced me to a community that at this point i couldn't live without! almost exactly this time last year marked the very first meetup i embarked on, that time not knowing a single person yet in real life it was really putting myself out there and i was scared to death! now with several of those under my bloggy belt it was time to go large scale.

the wheels were already turning for a large scale meetup when my plans collided with mandy and chelsey who were thinking the exact same thing; three months, a pizza place, and some amazing women later we made it happen! we were so new at this but we didn't care, you have to start somewhere? no?

it was so great meeting every last lady who showed up saturday night that i only wish there had been more time to get to know every last one a little better. it was great seeing faces of those i have grown close to over the last year and see ones that i might have otherwise missed in this blogosphere.

we held two events; a daytime one where the hubs and kids were drug out into our lovely pnw fall weather to play at greenlake and shiver while we laughed about target, pinterest, and more! at night we put on our pretty dresses and headed to talaricos where i had been working with their event coordinator to have this go off without a hitch. um, the pizzas were the size of a car and the wine didn't stop coming. heaven.

there was a photo booth and photographer put on the by the lovely jessica of jessica may photography, she totally rocked every second of the mustache filled night and i am literally dying right now looking at some of the photobooth photos.

oh, swag! yea, there was swag. like, amazing stuff that chelsey pulled together from a bunch of her awesome sponsors. i died a little of jealousy of the sentsy basket that mandy chiappini won!
things are already in motion for next years meetup, hopefully in the spring and hopefully a chance for a lot more of you to make it out! stay tuned!
i only posted this photo because of the awesome (not) faces that chelsey and i are making. doh.

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melissa rohr said...

I loveee all these pictures. Looks like you had so much fun :) 

melissa rohr said...

Melissa, this was so much fun and I am so glad you guys put it all together. I am sad that I was an idiot and missed the daytime event, but I had such a great time meeting everyone for dinner. This was my first meetup and I can't wait for more!