Monday, August 1, 2011

some peoples kids.

my kids are weird, so naturally they say weird things. this will be some sort of amateur documentation of all times we laughed till we peed. i think i'll even repost to a current date every time i add to it. just maybe.
zoe: mommy, stella was just laughing for joy when i just blewed on her belly.
zoe: (in response as to why tim didn't move me from the couch to the bed after i fell asleep) ugh, why didn't you just do a princess carry and move her?
zoe: (in response to discussion to move to alaska) i want to go. then i won't have to ride my new bike anymore.
rowan: tum, sissy just busted mine eye.
rowan: (don't ask me why, saw some dog poop and said:) ew poop. tuuuuum (tim), that's weeelly gross! (like he did it or something!)