Sunday, September 11, 2011

splash pad.

we spent easily twice as much time at local splash pads this summer than last. rotating between a couple of local ones we always come back to willis tucker, it is the best! this year i figured out the key was to come early  to beat the crowds; it may be a bit chillier but the kids don't seem to mind and they get uninterrupted play time and avoid more knock downs from the big kids.
we made sure to invite our friends along as much as possible, why keep such a cool place a secret! amanda and ellie came along this time and even though it took ellie a little bit to warm up to the idea of spraying water she had a blast. stella showed her the ropes and introduced her to her favorite malfunctioning area that sprays an inch from the ground. it is so hilarious, when the water in this area shuts off stella will walk to bigger kids, grab their hands, and pull them over to show them and hopefully sway them to fix it (push the activation button) it is so funny! probably one of our favorite summer activities!


melissa rohr said...

Seriously, I was dying to find a splash park in Yakima this was SO hot! And if I didn't work tomorrow I'd be going somewhere for an end-of-summer splash party. I'm kind of sad we didn't get to go more times this summer :(