Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we're alive, i promise.

somewhere still packed in the stack of boxes upstairs is my free time to blog.
in the meantime we are discovering stella is a climber, starting preschool, hiding in the cupboards, and learning to sleep in a floor bed.
rowan started her first year of preschool on monday. she is int he mixed preschool and pre-k room that goes three days a week. so far all she remembers from her day is what they ate for snack but either way she loves it! i am going to try really hard to take a phone photo of her every day we go - mandy from harper's happenings inspired this idea! i got a super cute first day photo that i need to edit, totally pinterest inspired!
the girls immediately claimed this cupboard as a fort. i have since moved everything out of it and you can now find blankets and books in there. we just need some sort of light!
yea, this. i was busy in the kitchen when all of the sudden i thought i heard water running - i walked into the bathroom to this...stella had scaled the cabinet, climbed into the sink, turned the water on, and was happily splashing around fully clothed. and you know what? i let her play in there - you only live once! after i made a mental note to keep the bathroom doors closed from now on.
just a cute photos of my sleep extended rear facing girl ont he way to pick na-na up from preschool.


melissa rohr said...

Oh man, Bennett is a hard core climber and it can be tough sometimes... but it's also kinda funny! So glad that you're settling into your new house!

melissa rohr said...

Glad to hear your settling in well! 

melissa rohr said...

Glad you're getting everything settled, what a super fun time!!