Saturday, September 10, 2011

whidbey island.

along with sunlakes we have also added whidbey island to our yearly outings. this year it happened a little later than in the past, normally we go in march so when we headed over deception pass we were met by huge crowds of people trying to enjoy the warm late summer we have been experiencing.
since the beach at deception pass was so crowded we headed across the island while the trusty gps found us a new spot to try and and it found a nearly perfect one! aside from the some sort of sewage smell that would drift our way from time to time it was great; we had the little stretch of beach all to ourselves for a while. 
there was a little bit of confusion i guess when we were packing the day bag and brought rowan's top but no bottoms so she wore stella's bottoms (don't ask me how they fit!) and stella bare backed it in a swin diaper. i would have let her go totally nakey but the sand was really coarse and wouldn't be fun to wash out later.
it was a great trip even though brief as we raced to catch the next ferry. i think rowan was equally excited for this part as she barely remembered her first ever ride last year. what a great day!


melissa rohr said...

What effects are you using for the color photos? They are perfectly vintage.

melissa rohr said...

most of these are just simple curve adjustments, the b&w are florabella's vanilla action. usually though on most of my photos i use florabella's vintage spring with a sheer haze layer. thanks!