Friday, September 9, 2011

who has two thumbs and didn't bring their canon to sunlakes this year?

so we took our annual trip to sunlakes and added a soundgarden concert this year. but guess what? all i had was my iphone...gasp! i didn't do it on purpose, i think i was purely thinking of the concert at the gorge someone would probably steal it from me in a moment of drunken weakness more than wow i always get great photos at sunlakes i better not forget my canon. so you get fabulous iphone photos instead. by the way, it all was a total blast as usual. i totally love my life!
this year was also different in the fact that we dropped the little ladies of pre-concert where they got to camp, boat, swim, and play parent free until we came back sunday to squeeze in some boating and swimming. the weather was perfect but the lake was too choppy for tim to do any good wakeboard this year. the girls had fun showing us how the have gotten braver and go a little faster on the tubes this year compared to last-i want to have zoe wakeboarding by next summer!
can't leave a camping trip without first getting in a double plank camping version.


melissa rohr said...

Definitely used to go here every year as a kid, too. I majorly love Sun Lakes! The only thing I hated over there was the thorns in my feet! I was just telling my hubby last week that we should try and make it out before summer is over on the eastside of the mountains. Trying hard, because your pictures took me back to when I was your girls' age. :(

melissa rohr said...

Most… awesome… raft… ever?

melissa rohr said...

sunlakes is one of my favorite places on the planet! my aunt and her family go every year to the resort on park lake and we come out and stay a few nights too. the girls have a BLAST every year-this was stella's first year :)