Monday, October 31, 2011

snow white, dorthy, and sacajawea all walk into a (milk) bar...

happy halloween! i can't wait to see everyone's costume posts this week!
if you only could have heard the squees coming from me as i sorted through and edited these photos - i mean, hello i knew the girls would be adorable in their costumes but this was just over the top.
stella was originally going to be a home made owl, then something else, then i finally settled on snow white - which as it turns out is also what rowan will be when she heads to her dad's tomorrow. so for this weekends halloween festivities rowan was more than happy to wear zoe's hand me down dorthy costume and red ruby slippers. she was only mildly bummed we couldn't track down a totto for the day.
their cousin vivian was sacajawea carrying around her baby doll and all - seriously, how cute are these kids?
when we were done chasing adorable kids through the leaves with our cameras we moved on to giant bubble fun, which quickly turned into a game of tim and sam using the babies to pop bubbles or keep them in the air. these bubbles were awesome because they would explode into a spray and the babies LOVED to pop them with their faces.

be safe tonight!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

changing the pumpkin scene around here.

the other day my dad bribed us with a dinner at the spaghetti factory to carve a pumpkin for him to enter in a contest - he wins a seahawks jacket. i wanted to find something really unique to do so of course i headed right to and without fail, trusty martha was there with the answer. who knew a linoleum cutter was the go-to pumpkin carving tool this year?
with her carve by color technique you basically do a lot more scraping then cutting and you ditch those $5.99 target tools and hit up lowes for the necessities. even though we totally bought the wrong looking but with the right name tool, it still worked fine for us. she suggests a lot of other crazy tools that we didn't need for our project.
after flipping through her stencils the last few days i was having a hard time settling on one that had enough 'wow' factor until today, when she added a new segment on pumpkin creatures and i immediately knew the spiders would be perfect!
tim and i teamed up on this, i did the cleaning out of the pumpkin and the drawing of the legs and tim sawed the gourds in half. this pumpkin we had was totally weird though, so stringy and hard to get a clean surface inside. we went with an opening in the bottom since we are going to light with a short string of white christmas lights wrapped around a jar - it gives the top a much better look.
we never cut all the way through on the spiders, we used the linoleum scraper to saw down superficially then to scrape off the skin till it was a depth we liked it. on the second one tim went even shallower so that the light was different on it. turned out so cool! it really was an easy technique to pick up even though the website doesn't give much instruction. we ended up doing three spiders, adding the third non-gourd one at the last minute to give it more depth.
either way you can always count on martha for cutting edge ideas! i have no idea the competition we are even up against - but it'll be fun to see how we fair, so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

no joke.

yesterday we were all snuggling very quietly on the couch watching the flinstones movie - i know, be jealous. all of the sudden rowan jumps up and belts, 'this is how we do it, it's friday night!' then i peed my pants.
the end.

Friday, October 28, 2011

a pumpkins past.

or, a chance to look back at some super cute kiddos in their halloween costumes. i am so sad i am missing zoe in her turtle costume, jo-jo the clown and as dorthy (which rowan is going to wear for festivities this weekend)- those dang pre-digital days!
the very first one, is where rowan went as a fetus - a mere 14 days before she made her entrance, next is zoe the pirate, rowan the poodle, zoe the cat, rowan the nice glitter witch, and as a bumble bee last year - my favorite costume yet!
this last one is from last year, originally all the girls were going to be bugs but then we came across this gorgeous belle dress at a consignment shop and zoe had her heart set on it. you can't tell in the photo but we even did her hair just like belle's. the little pirate is my nephew wearing zoe's hand me down costume - they were all so cute!
i am keeping photos of this years costumes under lock and key until monday, i haven't even tried stella's on her yet - is it weird i want it to be a total suprise on halloween? do you still pick your kids costumes or have you handed over the reigns?

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where i tell you the truth.

having your kid swallow a dime is one of the grossest things you will ever go through as a parent. you have been warned.

educated mama decal review and giveaway

i am so excited for this giveaway and the message it is promoting is near and dear to my heart in a lot of ways. while i was buckling stella back into her rear facing toddler seat after dropping rowan off the other day, i looked over and saw a couple of stickers on a minivan that got me all giddy - one said, 'my toddler rides rear facing, ask me why' and another one about cloth diapering. this was it, an opening to get to know another bethlehem preschool mom. we chatted for a bit about how much alike we were and our passion for extended rear facing then she willingly handed over the name of the online shop where she had purchased the decals. as soon as i got home i looked up educated mama decals hyena cart shop and got all excited - this is when i knew i had to get in contact with this gal and get her name out there. i was sure many of my erf passionate social networking friends would love to know about her product! laura was equally excited and sent me out a decal to try right away.
the communication has been absolutely wonderful and my decal arrived super speedy with easy to follow instructions. i got it up super quickly one morning before preschool and it has already drawn in attention and questions - exactly what it was meant to do! mine says, 'my child isn't a minimum, we ride to the max. proudly extended rear facing, ask me why.' i am already planning to order a cloth diaper one - i am a proud supporter of saving the planet one less disposable at a time and am not afraid to tell the world about it via my mini van, ha! but don't stop there! she has stickers about home birth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, vegan choicesvaccines, home school and more.
i just want to throw out there though, that these opinions are all my own and i in no way judge anyone who makes different choices for their children. only you can be the judge of what is right for your family and it just so happens that my husband and i feel these are the right decisions for us. love you guys - xoxo!
before we get to the giveaway i want you guys to check out some information, it might change the way you view or feel about rear facing. let's start with this video (thanks to shawntae from a little king and i for the idea to go searching for these), it was the kicker for me - i knew just reading about extended rear facing that it felt like the right choice but seeing it puts it all into perspective. click here for video.
Rear-facing is safest for both adults and children, but especially for babies, who would face a greater risk of spinal cord injury in a front-facing carseat during a frontal crash.
  • Rear-facing car seats spread frontal crash forces over the whole area of a child's back, head and neck; they also prevent the head from snapping relative to the body in a frontal crash.
  • Rear-facing carseats are NOT a safety risk just because a child's legs are bent at the knees or because they can touch/kick the vehicle seat.
  • Rear-facing as long as possible is the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatricians, and can reduce injuries and deaths. Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 overall cause of death for children 14 and under.
information via, feel free to read more!

so, the giveaway! laura and i have teamed up to giveaway a $7 credit to her shop, which can get you just about any decal in her store and while i instantly fell in love with the erf sticker you might have your eye on a homebirth or babywearing one - sky's the limit!

how to enter:
1. visit her shop and then leave a comment telling which sticker you would love to have
3. tweet this giveaway, ' #erf , #bfing, #homebirth, #clothdiaper, #doula a part of your life? win a educated mama decal at from @olive_juiced '

this giveaway will run until november 18th at 10pm pst - good luck!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

rowan's rainbow fourth birthday party.

if you have been reading for awhile, you know i am gaga for creating party invitations and rowan's next birthday would be no exception. originally we were going to do a owl theme where i would print a cool owl drawing i found on pinterest onto a piece of book paper. then i came across this party and died, like dead of amazingness-i have bugged amy on several occasions to let me be one of her kids and to plan my birthday...cause she rocks at it.
this was the perfect theme for this year! i mean, let's be honest here - we're really feeling the pressure from buying a house last month; buying appliances, driving farther to work, adding new bills to the month, and more really starts to add up but i wanted to make sure that the girls don't suffer in anyway as we regain our footing. this means just having to get creative when it comes to rowan's party - we'll be able to pull off some major awesomeness with some simple balloons, streamers, colorful food, and homemade crayons for the take-away favors all for a very small budget. and the best part? rowan is over the moon in love with this idea. so far we are at zero dollars spent, the two of us were able to bust out these invites the last couple days all from stuff we had around the house and by enlisting our awesome neighbor to loan her cricut skills on the clouds.
somewhere between denial that she is almost four and sending her off to her first year of preschool we dreamed this up:
first i got out some left over wedding kraft paper and simply sliced it in half, then free-hand drew a rainbow shape to cut out with the xacto knife. when i was tracing the shape onto the rest i would move it around so they wern't all exactly the same.
i printed out the information on some textured white cardstock, i used buggie's rainbow party invite for wording inspiration then changed it around a little bit to fit our party. is it just me or is the wording the hardest part? maybe i put too much thought into it?
i gathered the rest of my supplies - our awesome neighbor has a cricut and she offered to cut out some clouds for me to save my hands from 35 tiny curvy cuts. tim picked up a $1.00 book from safeway (random!) with some change in his car, the book randomly ended up having a character named rowena...fate? 
i traced the rainbow shape onto the book paper then rowan and i colored in the rainbows with her fat crayola crayons and then glued on the clouds. i was going to add glitter but it wasn't turning out right and now my whole dining room is covered in gold glitter.
finally, we glued it all together and forced my corner punch through an obviously painful task and voila!
at first i was worried they were missing the 'wow' factor that i was picturing in my head but as we handed them off to her preschool teacher this morning, i was thinking, 'they look just PRESCHOOL enough' and we were ok with that.

i can't wait to share more of her party with you and we go along - and hopefully unlike stella's first birthday i will stop to breath and snap a few photos! ok, so there will totally be a photobooth...and preschoolers in a photobooth? i can only imagine! to see some ideas we are cooking up, check out my 'rowan's 4th birthday' pinterest board.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

you live and you learn.

when i was pregnant with zoe, daily i would collect pink fur coats, studded and embroidered jeans, button up shirts, platform glitter sandals - you name it, it was in her closet and she wore it all too and was a good sport about it. then with rowan it was a lot more sweat outfits, onsies all day, or just we'd just stay in our jammies all day then eventually grew into a obsession with seeing her in little sundresses, even in the fall with a long sleeve tee underneath.
with stella, i think i have finally found a balance and am feeling this is the way a baby should dress. in no way am i criticizing jean wearing babies, they are so stinking cute - i have just figured out for us...babies belong in soft fabrics, that is why you can find stella in leggings and a big tee constantly.
thanks to jessica from tart i have a new obsession with babies in big tees - which works out great because stella and rowan can share then! this fall i stocked up on tons of clearance tee shirts in 4t or xs and they now both have some great wardrobe options. i love the way leggings show of stella's little chubby toddler figure too!
i love rowan in leggings and a big tee too - same concept of her and zoe being able to share now, what is a tee on zoe is almost like a dress on rowan. rowan being our crazy caution to the wind is constantly ripping through the knees of her leggings though. so why am i rambling on wasting your time with this? i have no idea-maybe just to show you these photos? the end.

wordish wednesday

i had almost forgotten about this photo.
zoe was not pleased to be caught on camera like this - getting her hair teased at my wedding. love her.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

iphone photo dump.

my new extended rear facing stocker - giveaway coming soon! taco monday shinagins, putting our wedding alter piece to work, and stella's halloween costume.
just another saturday, daily preschool photo, friend party, and a princess's house.
edward - my new wash machine, skinny + long hair, bathroom progress, and a daily preschool photo.
daily preschool photo, caramel apples, daily preschool photo, and a pinterest project.
two paci's, tomato soup via straw, daily preschool photo, and waiting for 'dada'.
daily preschool photo, naughty baby, daily preschool photo, and the hard knock life.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

pumpkin patch trip number two: preschool field trip! ( and a winner for the super skivvies)

a couple of weeks ago was rowan's field trip to the pumpkin patch for preschool - i am absolutely in love with our choice of school, everything is so laid back and has been a great experience for her so far.
they just had everyone meet there the day of the trip, it was $4 for rowan and that included any pumpkin she could carry out herself (which didn't end up being much, rowan is kinda a wimp haha). stella loved it too, she got a little ansty having to sit on my lap for one of the many train/hay/whatever rides we took advantage of.
it was a pop up pumpkin patch at a big local nursery in arlington. it was great to participate though since it is put on by the local rotary to support reading.
rowan latched on to a girl lily from her class immediately and spent as much time as possible in the two bouncy houses they had up and after that we followed stella around on her 'puuuuunkin' naming. it was great fun - even though i felt totally werid literally being the only mom there not wearing rain boots, ha!
does everyone know what their little ones are being for halloween yet? both rowan and stella are going to be snow white - what? you say? haha, rowan is at her dad's this year and after finding the PERFECT etsy shop to make stella's costume i couldn't resist. rowan is going to wear her big sister zoe's old dorthy costume to school on the big day though and zoe is going to be darth vadar!

WINNER ALERT: congrats to Kiara Buechler on winning a pair of super sivvies! please contact me asap to collect your prize.