Wednesday, October 19, 2011

for the love of pumpkins.

whew, i am about to post a blog - a real honest to goodness post full of photos of things that fill my heart.
two weeks ago we had everyone over for our now annual caramel apple + chili day. to get ready for the apple dipping we had everyone bring some toppings they thought would be yummy; there was milk and dark chocolate pieces, nuts, sprinkles of all kinds, eyes (yes, eyes), crushed candy bars, and chocolate chips. my teeth hurt just writing this! it was perfect down to the giggles from the babies while uncle sam tickled them silly. when we were sugared up and most of the gang had headed home, we packed up the girls and headed to a local pumpkin patch i had been wanting to check out. my favorite thing about it was that almost everything was free - i hate when a pumpkin patch charges outrageous prices for what, a jaunt in a muddy field? we pet furry animals, walked around, and followed stella while she walked to each pumpkin and screamed, 'puuuuuuuuuumpkin!' so cute!
can you even handle the amount of photos coming your way?
maybe before the week is over i will post about the other two times we went to a pumpkin patch!


melissa rohr said...

What did I take from this post? You can put googly eyes on anything and it works. Have you seen that saturday night live sketch on youtube where christopher walken puts googly eyes on all his plants because he's scared of them? GENIUS MAN.

melissa rohr said...

Such great pictures!!! I luuuurve the apples! And of course, your kiddos are to die for cute!!

melissa rohr said...

Those caramel apples look yum! great pumpkin patch pictures :)