Sunday, October 2, 2011

i have boxes, you get iphone photos.

i'm sorry my blogging has been deduced to instagram photos. i promise exciting things are happening up in here - i would post more house photos but every last inch is some sort of unpacking, decorating, painting, cleaning holding stage and it isn't pretty. yet.
i will have a giveaway up this week that i am pretty excited about as we embark on another life altering thing added to our to-do list; potty training the little monster.
isn't it HILARIOUS when you show up to family dinner and your husband realizes that he is wearing the exact same shirt as his brother in law. no? me and my sister sure found it amusing.
yea, that one time - you know when i came around the corner and this was happening. then the hubs tried to convince me we should get stella the dog toy because she really liked it. yea, that.
putting my pins to work and tried out this pinterest inspired fish tail braid with zoe - next time i will use way more fun yarn and bigger ribbon (you can even see the 3 pink ribbons i tied in) you just tie ribbons or yarn a few layers down and then braid in!
this is the start of brandy of baby blackbird's chevron art diy. after a breakdown over uneven zig-zags, tim is now downstairs taping it for me. finished product in the next few days!

in other news, stella is literally becoming tim's rambunctious little turd-errific toddler self reincarnate (based off everything his family tells me!). she is into everything - today she pulled her diaper off and peed on everything and last week she climbed into the sink via stepping on the toilet paper roll for a little afternoon splash, now...she points to the sink ALL DAY and asks, 'baaath?'


melissa rohr said...

I dont mind cellphone shots i know what its like to be swamped in boxes!! (moved recently too)

Love the braid thats too cute!