Friday, October 21, 2011

new house :: the kitchen.

i know, i am way overdue on sharing photos of our new house -between rowan's preschool schedule and my mean political science teacher i haven't had the extra time.

i am going to break up the 'house tour' into a few different post so that you aren't bombarded with a million photos in one sitting. plus, a few projects around the house are mid completion and i want to wrap those up before i put them on our downstairs bathroom; some of you might have seen on twitter/instagram we are having fun with chalkboard paint in there and i can't wait till we get the chair rail up next week and i can finally unveil it!

our house and our street - there are actually 5 out of the 10 houses on this street empty. it is anew development and the seller just went into foreclosure right after we put our offer in (we wern't part of that though because they have 90 days to make a sale) so it might be awhile before the sell. our street is so quiet and almost never has cars on it, leaving the kids ample room to ride bikes, color with chalk, or skateboard (a new favorite).
i am in love with our small kitchen -it is perfect for us and comes with a secret hideaway for the kids.
i am a little weary of the tile/grout counters and the fingerprint prone appliances but i think we will find a good system of keeping them all clean in no time. and the floors? oye, the sweeping.

i don't think we will change a ton in here before we are ready to sell it down the road - i am on the hunt for a good deal on a porcelain farm sink and we might throw up some paint on the walls (grey like the rest of the downstairs will be) eventually but that is about it! tim HATES the frosted pantry door (i have no idea why, weirdo) so i have secret dreams of replacing it with a worn vintage door, drool.

it worked out that our table is almost the exact color of the wood work in the kitchen and i was over the moon about the little counter area where i could hook stella's chicco chair and her and rowan eat breakfast and lunch there.

i hope to find a petite leather chair and ottoman to put into the dining area along with dreams of a big china cabinet or sidebar - right now there feels like there is too much unused space and it needs some warming up. very first thing we did when we moved in was pull down the icky vertical blinds and put up these awesome curtains that i found at ikea. i want to do the whole downstairs in the same curtains but when i started grabbing more at $40 a set tim gave me major side eye and told me we could work up to it (there is a lot of windows downstairs). also, yes that is our fence directly out the back door, these are technically 'condos' so there is little to no yard, we picked this house because it happened to still have a perfect sized side yard for the kids to still play and the trampoline they are getting for christmas!

i love our kitchen, what do you think?


melissa rohr said...

Ok, first of all your house is adorable! Super cute. Second, in the one picture of the pantry door there is a pink Nalgene cup in the floor. We LOVE those things here - in fact, I was just thinking tonight as I was washing Gi's that I need to write a whole blog post on how much we love them and how I threw away all the other sippy's I've ever had and only use these now. Yeah, I love them!

melissa rohr said...

we love them too! each girl has one and they are their designated water cups.

melissa rohr said...

I love it!! Great kitchen! 

melissa rohr said...

stopping by to send some bloggy love from your new follower.
hope you'll follow me back

melissa rohr said...

well, i love it all! i can't wait until we can FINALLY move. a house we were looking at had a back yard like you have but quite frankly i have no problem with that. we are NOT yard work people and our yard is always the worst looking one in the neighborhood we live in now. right now we have an acre of land and it is too much for us to maintain. smaller yard means less yard work and that is okay with me.

enjoy your new house though. it really is lovely!

melissa rohr said...

it is funny, my hubs (who is a landscaper) is all pouty about the yard but EVERYONE who comes over goes on and on about how they wish they had as little up keep as we do lol. it has just enough room for us!

melissa rohr said...

I like the pantry door! I'll take it when you get a new one :)