Friday, October 28, 2011

a pumpkins past.

or, a chance to look back at some super cute kiddos in their halloween costumes. i am so sad i am missing zoe in her turtle costume, jo-jo the clown and as dorthy (which rowan is going to wear for festivities this weekend)- those dang pre-digital days!
the very first one, is where rowan went as a fetus - a mere 14 days before she made her entrance, next is zoe the pirate, rowan the poodle, zoe the cat, rowan the nice glitter witch, and as a bumble bee last year - my favorite costume yet!
this last one is from last year, originally all the girls were going to be bugs but then we came across this gorgeous belle dress at a consignment shop and zoe had her heart set on it. you can't tell in the photo but we even did her hair just like belle's. the little pirate is my nephew wearing zoe's hand me down costume - they were all so cute!
i am keeping photos of this years costumes under lock and key until monday, i haven't even tried stella's on her yet - is it weird i want it to be a total suprise on halloween? do you still pick your kids costumes or have you handed over the reigns?

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melissa rohr said...

such cute costumes :) 

melissa rohr said...

how cute, love these costumes. i'm stopping by from follower fest and would love for you to stop by and check out the huge giveaway going on at my place-  xoxo nicole

melissa rohr said...

Adorable costumes! I can't wait to have a bunch of kiddos to dress up for the holidays!

im a new follower from the follower fest!

melissa rohr said...

Love her Belle dress - so pretty!