Friday, October 7, 2011


rowan started school the last week in september - a week late than her classmates, but with the move happening i held off till we were officially in the house and not a terrible drives worth away. she goes monday-wednesday and it was love at first sight. she'll do two years at bethlehem lutheran church before kindergarten or homeschooling (eek, i can't decide!)

her teacher is mrs. enberg and everyday when i pick rowan up she gushes over how adorable rowan is, the things she says, and her voice...oh her voice is the cutest ever - i think i like this teacher!

when we first met the teachers i talked about my hopes for rowan this year were simple in i was just looking for some structure and some tools to help rowan focus enough to start to lay tracks for learning kindergarten basics. bless rowan's heart but she is a crazy little girl and can't be bothered with numbers (which she calls letters) and learning that we just can't skip eight when we count to ten.

row looks forward to everyday and was over the moon when it was her turn to bring snack and be the special helper. she choose woody, jesse, and bullseye as her show-and-tell for that day and says it all went great. coming up is a father/daughter pumpkin carving night that her and tim are so excited about and i am counting down the days till her first pumpkin patch field trip and holiday programs.

thanks to mandy from harper's happenings idea, i am snapping a years worth of preschool send offs with my iphone and will maybe turn them into a instagram blurb book for her. 
man, i love that little blonde!


melissa rohr said...

I can't believe pre-school isn't that far off! Love the tiny toms :)

melissa rohr said...

That first picture is precious.. She is ready to take on the world! :)

melissa rohr said...

awww how cute!!!she is seriously so friggin CUTE! i love this idea...i can't wait til A is going so i can do that too. 

melissa rohr said...

i know they are so cute - it is so lame though, she has worn them like 5 times and the toe is totally worn out :/ going to exchange for plain canvas ones. sad face.

melissa rohr said...

i know, it is nuts how fast they get here!