Saturday, October 8, 2011

soul mates

stella already has laid claim on a best friend; nine-o.

or, dino - is a pull string musical dinosaur that was actually given to me before rowan was born but never struck an interest in her. i am not totally positive on how their relationship came to be but it started very early on. he no longer makes music for her due to too many baths from sticky baby messes and lots of loving on his tail.

his tail, has been the main object of her affection from the start. she constantly walks around with his tail resting just barely in the corner of her eye, on her nose, or lips. if stella decides that you are cool people she will offer you dino's tail.

over time we have collected a dino two for in case of emergencies, he was broken and ripped when we got him so i had to preform surgery to remove his plastic pull handle then sew him up - she knows the difference. she is happy to carry them both around but rarely will accept number two over the real deal.
this little lady loves her green friend and i can't imagine them parting any time soon.

does your little one have a good stuffed friend they love? do they do quirky things with them like stella does? i would love to hear about it!


melissa rohr said...

I kind of got the boys hooked on a couple of stuffed animals to take the place of pacifiers when we got rid of them a few months ago. Isaiah loves a polar bear (white is the worst color) I wash that thing so much. This week I put in more stuffing and sewed up some holes. He eats Bear's nose/mouth and it's always a different shade. It's gross lol.

Julian loves a little puppy. He chews on the plastic eyeballs and actually had done it so much that one was halfway coming out. This week I also performed surgery-Puppy no longer has eyeballs, I cut them out, added more stuffing all over and sewed the eye holes shut lol. No matter how much I wash it, his face is still matted. And they always kind of stink like slobber. 

I wash them a few times a week. And I bought some substitutes but they never took. 

melissa rohr said...

Awww. This is so sweet. Dustyn doesn't have any type of lovey. I kind of wish he did sometimes. Carsyn doesn't have one either, not for lack of trying though. 

melissa rohr said...

Aww Stella and her dino! You know all about Ellie and her buzz buzz. Seriously, I can wash those things all I want and they never do smell right. Her blankets still kinda smell like spit up. Gross and sweet, all at the same time ;)

melissa rohr said...

this is too cute!! i am LOVING the pictures! great post! new follower :-) 


melissa rohr said...

This is beyond adorable.. :)

I had a share bear care bear that i held onto literally until i was 8 :D i think my mom still has it somewhere.