Monday, November 14, 2011

diy pinterest bathroom redesign.

when i saw this bad boy months ago i quickly pinned it away in a safe keeping spot on my future home board, this was even before we started talking about buying a house - either way i knew it would be mine.

when we put in the offer on our house a few months later i immediately got to planning how we would make it more us and it started with the guest bathroom - it took some effort talking tim into it, he has an aversion to 'to much' chalkboard paint and was worried i would over do it in the new house (and unfortunately we have a lot of friends who like to draw male genitalia on anything they see and that is immediately what tim was worried this would bring about).

in the end he saw the benefits and fun outweighed any worries and it is one of the first projects we got to work on, did people decorate their houses before pinterest?

it was a pretty simple make-over, i mean come on all we were doing was painting and hanging a chair rail. however the chair rail was new territory for us and it took a little trial and error - trying to do it with a $4 miter box and hand saw vs. borrowing our neighbors arm saw and getting the angles perfect. our bathroom also has...well, the best way to describe it...five walls instead of four - there is a short wall in the corner that took some extra pre-planning to get the angle and piece just right.

tim did a great job getting the chair rail up - we went with a choice that i don't think was meant for chair rail purposes but it looks great and matched our existing trim perfectly. i later used a little putty and left over white acrylic paint to fill in the sunk nail holes and the end result is better than i could have expected for two virgin home diy'ers.

painting with chalkboard paint is so easy - i did about four coats to get a good surface going and it was important to wait till it was totally dry between each one because it likes to pull back up when you go over a already painted area. i also LOVE using the technique on the ceiling - where if possible lay down the color that is already on the wall/ceiling after you tape. this fills in any bubbles so when you add the color your lines are seamless! conditioning the wall by rubbing chalk all around then lightly brushing off with a dry rag makes a huge difference - gives it that good ole' chalkboard look to it and provides a 'easier to wipe' surface for future doodles; of course you can occasionally wipe down with soap and water but so far we haven't had to.

all of this only makes me more excited to get to work on the rest of the house - now where is that money tree?

i'm gonna replace the colored chalk with a jar full of white asap and find a good eraser/come up with a cool way to store it and then it is done! one major downfall i didn't predict was how messy and dusty it is - every time someone does some serious doodling there is a huge dust trail left on the chair rail or floor and when tim and i brush the whole wall down it stays cloudy in the bathroom for hours :/ oh well, i guess that is what the vacuum is for!

so without further ado, our guest bathroom!

paint: $35 (we used the rustoleum chalkboard paint and behr ultra mocha accent for the bottom.)
chair rail: $18
nails & nail sinker: $8
frame: $30
deer hook: $12 (given to us as a bday gift)
rug: $25 (bought with wedding giftcard)
apothecary jar: already had from wedding

out of our pockets, only about $90 spent!


melissa rohr said...

This is just too cute! 

melissa rohr said...

It looks great finished!

melissa rohr said...

great job! i just saw this on pinterest too. yours turned out great!

melissa rohr said...

So, painting the base color on the tape seam worked amazingly on my dining room this weekend.  My mom and I squealed when we took the first miece of tape off.  I see you used frog tape, we found that to be far superior to the blue tape we'd used in the past. 

I totally want to do chalkboard paint in a room.  It works fine on the textured walls?

melissa rohr said...

So great!

melissa rohr said...


melissa rohr said...

thanks :) i wish i could get better pics of it but it is so small and weird that it is impossible!

melissa rohr said...

yes! i actually like it better then any non wall thing i have painted it on! lots of coats help though.

melissa rohr said...

LOVE this! We have a hideous downstairs bathroom that needs a redo, so I've been gathering ideas. Perhaps when my 4-month-old can entertain herself for a while, I'll actually get started. But the chalkboard part will totally go with what I've already been planning. Yay!