Wednesday, November 16, 2011

girls room 'a work in progress' tour.

so, i was going to keep these tucked away in secret till i was 'finished' with their room...the reality set it. remember when i talked about having plans to get everything on my new house wish list done immediately after moving in? ha!
i apologize for the terrible photos but these are just temporary fillers until i can update you with progress of their room. now that the bathroom project is done as soon as the holidays wind down i am jumping in full force on finishing it up for them.
first step will be to get another coat of paint on the walls, it is driving me insane the way it looks right now - a lot of the base coat is still visible giving it a kind of cloudy look. in the rush to paint six hours before we moved in we had to stretch the last tiny bit of paint to cover the whole room. most of the rest of the updates will be simple and hopefully inexpensive, just adding a lot of diy and yummy girlie touches to make it a truly awesome place for them to hang out!
i put together a house to do list complete with a section for the girls room:

second coat of paint
sand zoe's pallet bed
make twin quilt for zoe's bed
make and hang small book nook for zoe
make and hang curtains
paint and put in stella's bed
purchase new/vintage bedding for stella and rowan's beds
purchase area rug
glue together wine boxes and add small wheels
decide on and hang large art pieces
hang stella's wall collage pieces
re-do tim's vintage bear lamp
purchase/make TONS of throw pillows for zoe's bed
make or buy bolster pillows for zoe's bed

before/during photos:
stay tuned for more house photos soon!


melissa rohr said...

such a cute room cant wait to see the finished pics! ;) 

melissa rohr said...

Really Appreciated.
   Thank you.

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