Friday, November 25, 2011

just do it, and thank me later.

hold on, let me recover from the buffalo chicken coma i have been in all week. you know all those leftovers you had from mandy's buffalo chicken recipe? well, i have an answer to your dilemma. buffalo chicken grilled cheese + ranch.
as usual, you start with 4-6 frozen or thawed boneless chicken breast in your crock pot with a packet of ranch dip (we used uncle dan's this last time and LOVED it), and a bottle of frank's buffalo wing sauce (very important!)
cook on low for 5-6 hours, pulling out with an hour left to shred then replace in crock-pot for remaining time.
grab two slices of your fav bread - we go with sourdough. place shredded or sliced cheese of your choice on one piece then spread a good sized layer of your shredded buffalo chicken, repeat cheese then bread. butter and cook like you would normally for grilled cheese. give yourself a nice helping of ranch for dipping - then enjoy.