Monday, November 28, 2011

on her list; rowan.

rowan is no exception to the 'we have way too many toys' situation - in fact she is in the thick of it as zoe grows out of all those preschool toys that stella is not quite old enough for yet, rowan has more than anyone.
we have unfortunately hit that age where her head is literally spinning as comercial after comercial talks her into the need to have every toy she sees. we can't go ANYWHERE without us being asked for sevenhundredandfortyfive different things and we discovered this weekend trying to christmas shop with rowan around doesn't work any longer; no matter how sneaky or creative we get! poor girl looked like her heart might break in two if i told her one more 'she really really wants' items was for a random cousin (even though it was really for her - i just wanted her to quickly forget it's existence.)
so what are we getting the girl who needs nothing, asks for everything, and really would rather play with pipe cleaners and a colander? i will tell you!
squinkies are HUGE this year and my kids are no exception to the lust for them - one problem, tim says they aren't allowed in our house anymore. he thinks it is insane to pay nine plud dollars for something that looks like it came from a quarter machine. but? but? so i think this will have to be a mama sneak at the last minute - hey, i think they are super cute! how do you feel about this tiny rubber craze?
i need a min blogger in training so this year some sort of laptop is a must have - i am not sure on what one yet, i want it to be a learning tool for sure so i want one she can grow into and won't be to baby-ish. any thoughts or play laptop suggestions?
bath toys!!! we love love love our yookido fill-and-flow spout we bought this summer and can't wait to add this similar toy to our bath time arsenal. and alex bath stickers-there are so many choices, rowan is really going to love the soup and the letters will be great for learning our letters a little better this year.
at first we were leaning towards picking up the kids camera they have at costco this year but then quickly turned towards this option, rowan loves her leapster explorer and i like how this camera has a video option - i can't wait to see what hilarious stuff she comes up with!
the fur real walking dog - not my favorite on the list but it is something she has been asking for since her birthday and the only choice she has stuck with as her number one. i guess well see how it holds up with these rough and tumble kids!
clothes! we already picked up some from this exact line including this plaid dress - i am in love with it! my favorite thing to dress rowan in is tee shirt dresses and leggings and oshkosh is the perfect place to shop for this style.
of course books will be part of christmas! these last few months olivia has quickly become a new favorite in our house and i don't mind reading them one bit! pj's, art stuff, undies, and more will all be in her stocking - i usually go way overboadr in this area and it never even fits in their stockings so this year i am going to try and limit myself and use candy as a filler if need be!
the older girls are also getting a big trampoline from grandpa, i am all for outside toys since we bought this house and this is exactly the addition that we need! i will talk more about that on zoe's list though!
what is your preschooler getting this year that you are really excited about?

stay tuned for zoe dear santa list coming soon!


melissa rohr said...

that walking dog is hilarious! wasn't there something similar when we were kids? so, sky isn't quite a pre-schooler yet but he is in love with those spring horses you ride indoors - it's like a horse with 4 springs...on a stand. I found a barely used on on cragslist for $50 (normally they are over $100) and I picked it up's radio flyer brand! He's gonna freak out when he sees it under the xmas tree!