Tuesday, November 29, 2011

on her list; zoe

last but not least, my not quite a tween but with just as much personality and independence as you can get. it gets trickier shopping for zoe every year, she is advanced in so many ways that we are constantly struggling for ideas, toys, things to do that keep her challenged and entertained. art and other porjects alike a for sure a fail safe - i am always keeping my eye out for new fun kits, crayola products, or fun diy i can teach her. i have teetered on the edge of buying her a sewing machine these last couple of years but am not sure at eight she is quite ready (i would get her a nice used one and skip the play ones that break) so maybe in two years i will take the plunge (next year is no gifts because we are surprising them with a trip to disneyland on christmas day!)
we stick to the everyone gets the same number of gifts rule and we try to do things that while they are special for the receiver are things that will last, be enjoyed together, and are practical for us.
so what are we getting our icarly obsessed, bored easily, adorable second grader? i'll show you!
toms are number one on the list, she was really bummed when rowan got some for back to school and she didn't so we decided to hold off and pick her some up for christmas! i am pretty sure these are the ones i will go with or if not just the plain grey canvas since i know those hold up well. nordstroms is for sure where they will come from...you just can't beat their return policy if something goes wrong!
headbandz and angry birds are two for sures as well, i scored the angry birds game on a black friday deal and i can't wait to all play these as a family! we have been working hard on building a good game collection and it is always one of our favorite family activities.
a goodbyn lunchbox - i love the idea of these and have been wanting to get zoe one for a bit, what perfect time like now! she will love getting to customize it to her style for sure. i am on the hunt this xmas for some cute 'party' dresses that zoe will feel extra special getting dressed up in. i always love gap's quality and value and so far have found five i want to get her including this one!
paper jamz drums, the last few years zoe has been successively working towards getting all the equipment she needs to start a band. last year between her dad and i she got a new SUPER nice small guitar and a real microphone set up. this year it is all about the drums, i don't know if her dad plans on getting her a set (i doubt it) but i thought this would be the perfect substitute for now.
a homemade fort in a bag, i pinned one of these awhile ago but it had finally dawned on me that this would be perfect for zoe! she is ALWAYS building forts and getting upset when they don't hold strong for her - i plan on sticking it with different sized heavy duty clips and some king sized sheets! i think i am most excited about this gift.
if my squinkies sneak plan doesn't work out, zoobles are also a new fav in the house - very similar to littlest petshops (which we have a million and five of) they are super cute and even stella enjoys them.
finally, the girls are also getting a trampoline for their big gift from grandpa - it is a combined gift but i am totally fine with that. they are going to flip out from excitement! we had to hunt down a smaller version of the ones you see everywhere; i know i have touched on the fact before that we have a non existent yard except for the ten feet on the side of the house where this eight foot trampoline will fit perfect, and it comes with the safety enclosure!
what is your older kid getting this year that you are really excited about?