Sunday, November 27, 2011

our in week in iphone photos.

this week was uneventful - i worked a lot in preparation for black friday and then we spent the rest of the week in somewhat of a food coma. can you believe it is already less that a month till christmas? i am in total denial but i am positive time moved faster this year, you too?
we started the first of our christmas shopping this weekend and i am currently browsing early cyber monday deals now, my goal is to be done...soon. one big thing this week was our new kitty max - i will do a formal intro soon but for now here are a couple of great photos of him and his new best friends and biggest fans.
 i spy a little baby in a tent that she CAN NOT have in a upright position.
 morning cartoons before we head off to our feast at preschool.
 good kitty.
 day twenty-four.
tried to upgrade stella to a more mature version of dino and this is the end result - dino, dine two, and new dino.
cat shopping adventures.
day twenty-five.
day twenty-six.

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