Sunday, December 18, 2011

easy peasy cinnamon ornaments.

i am in love with this easy to-do ornaments, would you believe me if i told you we have already made them three times this week? that they saved us in a "i can't think of what to give our wonderful preschool teachers" pinch? well, it is all true. i know this or a version similar is something you have all done, but i want to share either way.
i love these for so many reasons: they smell delicious, they are so easy to do, very low budget, even the blonde can maneuver these with little help from me, great for little hand impressions, and they are very durable.
i made these totally different each time and each time they turned out perfect; once was because i didn't have enough cinnamon so i used ground cloves and then another just elmers glue because it is all i had - each time was fine, so i urge you to play around with it and see what results you like best.

the recipe that worked best for us in the end was:
1 c. cinnamon ( i bought in bulk at fred meyer as a much cheaper option)
1/4 applesauce

mix together till well blended with a rubber spatula the add:
1/2 c. elmers or craft glue

here is where i got down and dirty with my hands, no spoon was working for me and this was the best way to really knead all of the ingredient together - you will get pretty messy but a smooth blended "dough" is best.
i let the "dough" sit in the bowl for about 45 minutes before i rolled it out (if it hardens up to much wet it down to help get it pliable again) - i used a stone to roll it out on and the tiniest bit of flour mixed with some cinnamon on my stone and roller to prevent sticking; this part is pretty important because it sure does like to stick to your surface. i rolled it out to about 1/4 inch thick and then we used out favorite cookie cutters to cut out our ornaments. the original tutorial uses a template and xacto knife but either way is great! for a few we cut out round ones and pushed stella's little toddler hands in for some grandparents gifts.
the original tutorial says you can bake them (on 200 degrees for about 2 hours flipping half way) or let them dry flat - we did both and both worked great, however our air dried ones curled up a little bit but had a lot lighter more cinnamon coloring to them. either way smelled great though!

before the teacher's ornaments were sent off we whipped up some cute wrapping using some stuff we had around the house like glassine bags, kraft paper, buttons, and puffy paint. i don't have any pictures of the final product because after they were done drying rowan headed to my aunts for a sleepover where they painted then to add finishing touches - each teacher got two stars and a squirrel. i did see them when i picked rowan up and her teachers were gushing about how awesome they were!
 final step, clean kitchen.


melissa rohr said...

such a cute and easy idea! i think i remember making these when i was little? or something like it. if the kids eat a little nibble, no biggie! :)

melissa rohr said...

Love this! And as a teacher, I can say that these gifts were probably very appreciated. Sometimes it's nice to get something else besides a mug filled with candy. :)